EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Cuban man arrested in case of headless woman washed up in Marbella

By Anthony Piovesan and Walter Finch

A mysterious Cuban named Michael has been arrested along with a man who killed and beheaded a Colombian expat and dumped her in the sea off Marbella.

The builder worked with Leonel Herrera, 45, who has admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend Natalia Mosquera, 46, on Jan. 8 before cutting off her head and hands.

The Olive Press may reveal that the pair worked together in the construction and maintenance of hotels in the Marbella area.

Not only did they work for an apartment group in Cabopino, but they also took jobs at Costa Marbella Star Light.

Natalia Mosquera, 46, was killed on January 8.

A hotel employee said Michael had “not worked there” since the beginning of the year.

“Michael did some construction work for us, but he hasn’t worked in a month or two,” she said.

An employee of the Marbella Casco Antiguo Princesa hostel confirmed that he previously worked in Cabopino.

Another source, who knew the pair, said Michael had been arrested and was “still in police custody.”

She added that the Cuban allegedly took Leonel to pick up Natalia and take her to the beach where she was killed. There is no suggestion that he was involved.

The woman, who asked not to be named, told the Olive Press she believes her stomach was also cut open to remove a tattoo on her stomach.

Killer Leonel
Leonel Herrera, 45, admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend.

She claimed Leonel, a father of two, tried to avoid being identified but forgot that her sister lived nearby and had already reported her missing to the police.

When the body floated to the surface at Restaurante Club 200 on Marbesa Beach, she immediately confirmed it was her sister from a WhatsApp video.

This has been confirmed by the National Police Olive Press the friend, “of Cuban descent,” was arrested after admitting to picking up Natalia in a van.

“She was still alive in the van, so we believe he is the last person, other than Natalia’s ex-boyfriend, to have seen her alive,” a spokesman said.

Last Tuesday Natalia’s severed hands were found on the beach near Cabopino. Her head is still missing.

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Police are still searching a stretch of beach in Marbella after Natalia’s murder.

Herrera confessed to the gruesome murder when National Police officers took him to the beach and graphically recounted how he disposed of her body.

The Grupo Especial de Actividades Subacuáticas (GEAS) of the Guardia Civil has been searching for the severed head along kilometers of the Marbella coastline in recent days.

According to sources close to the investigation, the search is underway, but has been hampered by the difficult conditions caused by the stormy weather.

Submariners are focusing their efforts closer to the shoreline, but so far without success.

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Michael worked for an apartment group in Cabopino.

The Marbella City Council will cover the costs of Natalia’s funeral and the family wishes Natalia to be buried in Marbella, the city where she lived.

The investigation is led by a judge specializing in violence against women in Marbella.


EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Cuban man arrested in case of headless woman washed up in Marbella

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