12 reasons why swimmers love their sport

Written by Bree Groves, World Swimming College Intern.

As championship season approaches, take a moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for in sports. To add to your list, we’ve come up with 12 swim-exciting reasons to value your time in the pool:

1. We can eat whatever we want, when we want.

Or at least we have more calories to burn than the average human. Swimmers spend a lot of energy both in and out of the pool. When we sit at the table, there is no doubt that swimmers can eat a lot. To calculate your calorie needs, try the swimming calorie calculator.

2. The Swimmer’s Body – The product of endless laps in the pool and Netflix on the floor.

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Image courtesy: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Swimming engages a wide range of muscles while providing a cardiovascular routine to burn fat at the same time. The result is, well, hopefully evident when you look in the mirror. To learn more about these muscles, read Impressive Swimmer’s Muscles from the Stroke.

3. The pool water is warmer than the winter air.

While other sports gather in the winter months, swimmers enjoy the opposite clothing mentality. Natatoriums are a year-round tropical oasis.

4. The paradox cannot exist without hours of training in the pool.

Everyone loves the convenience and speed that accompany tapers. Where would we be without endless rounds of rigorous training followed by stretching sets and really fast swimming?

5. Colleagues

Teammates Swimming United Trust

Image courtesy: USA Swimming

The bond between training partners leads to lifelong friendships and memories. Teammates make the monotonous black line staring, wishing on the clock, and alarm buzz worth it.

6. Tan lines (and sunscreen) even in January

Dual training allows swimmers to absorb some extra vitamin D. Those extra yards were tough but the envious looks from Friends of the Earth make them worth it.

7. W.Cand appreciatemore time than the average person.

Swimming makes us appreciate every millisecond. So when it comes to time management, it’s no wonder swimmers excel.

8. Coaches


Image courtesy: Peter H. Bick

They serve as mentors, teachers, family, and friends. They’re a four-in-one package deal; It looks like Black Friday but it’s there every day.

9. Swimming has health benefits.

Australian - recovery - heart rate - pulse

Image courtesy: Delly Carr/Swimming Australia Ltd.

Swimming increases blood flow, improves cardiovascular function, releases endorphins, reduces stress, strengthens nerve synapses, increases mental outlook, and much more. To learn more, read the health benefits of water exercise.

10. Travel

Image courtesy: Annie Grevers

Competition and training trips lead swimmers from one pool to the next. While you’re making the pool transition, enjoy the change of scenery and go enjoy your new surroundings. It’s like a vacation except you keep swimming.

11. Fans


Image courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Who wouldn’t want a crowd of excited people watching you race back and forth across the pool? The fans provide some noise and excitement to every encounter.

12. Equipment

Swimming wouldn’t be nearly as fun without the endless equipment options. So grab your hats, goggles, fins, paddles, snorkels, and anything else you need for a great workout!

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12 reasons why swimmers love their sport

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