‘Zumba’, ‘Barbell Complex’, ‘Postpartum Weight Loss’: How Kashmir Gyms Adapt To Global Trends With New Fitness Plans

Srinagar: Uzma (name changed) was obese from childhood and after giving birth to her baby, she put on extra pounds. She couldn’t lose her weight after giving birth, fell into depression and avoided leaving her home.

At the time when she was suggested to consult a psychologist, Uzma came across an advertisement for a “postpartum weight loss program” in a gym nearby. After enrolling in the program, not only did she get a new lease of life, but she also realized that the gyms in Kashmir were no longer limited to just bodybuilding and weightlifting.

“I started to feel depressed and avoided going out because I couldn’t lose weight after giving birth. I have always been overweight and the extra weight after giving birth made me feel depressed. And I couldn’t even go on a diet, because a nursing mother needs to eat nutritious food. I thought about seeing a psychiatrist to deal with postpartum depression, but then I came across this weight loss program, especially for cases like mine,” Uzma said.

“I was surprised that I was able to lose fat through weight training and other exercise, despite eating nutritious foods. And I was also surprised to see so many women, including the elderly, lifting weights. At first I couldn’t believe it is happening in Kashmir because I used to think that only young men go to the gyms for bodybuilding and weightlifting. I didn’t know that even mothers and the elderly can stay fit and toned through strength training,” she added.

Haider Baigh, a certified trainer, nutritionist and owner of ‘Livefit’, said Kashmir’s gyms were adapting to changing global trends. He said that apart from traditional strength training, they had started offering hitherto unheard-of fitness programs like “Post Partum Weight Loss and PCOS Weight Management” and “Zumba” workouts, while programs like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and ‘barbell complex’ became popular among people who want to lose fat.

“Many gyms have been popping up like mushrooms lately and as a result there is competition in the market. Apart from the young people who are interested in bodybuilding, we get male and female clients from all age groups. That’s why we offer tailor-made packages for each individual. We, at our ABC Fitness Hub, offer various packages such as Postpartum Weight Loss and PCOS Weight Management, Bridal Fitness Plan, Fat to Fit, Personal Training, etc,” he said.

Haider said people interested in fat-loss programs prefer programs like “Barbell Complex” and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

“Barbell Complex and HIIT are preferred by those who want to lose fat. Schedules like HIIT not only help you burn fat faster, but also build muscle. Both men and women can do HIIT. If there are health problems, we must be careful. A woman who wants to get in shape after childbirth needs to be careful and that’s why we have a special Post Partum Weight Loss for them. Their diet needs to be taken care of as they need to take care of fat loss and also make sure they get all the nutrients, especially if they are breastfeeding,” he said.

“After childbirth, the abdominal muscles become stretched and weak and the gluteal muscles also become inactivated, leading to the condition known as maternal buttocks where the joints are looser and not as robust as they were before pregnancy. Unfortunately, these things fix itself, which is why the Post Partum Fitness Program was created with the intention of helping mothers achieve results in the safest way possible,” Haider added.

‘Zumba’, ‘Barbell Complex’, ‘Postpartum Weight Loss’: How Kashmir Gyms Adapt To Global Trends With New Fitness Plans

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