Your GPS watch can now generate personalized emails from Outside Run

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What if you could receive Outside Run email updates tailored just for you, using input from your GPS watch, using your daily workouts and training runs? If you’re recording runs with a Garmin, Suunto, Coros or Polar GPS watch, look no further.Let’s say you’re a 32-year-old runner, eat mostly plant-based foods and are training for your first marathon this fall. Last week you covered 35 miles, 90% of them on roads in Seattle, Washington. Receiving email newsletters about running your best 100K or making steak fajitas might not be very helpful to you, right?

What if instead your emails contained the perfect recovery recipe of seared garlic tofu on a bed of coconut basmati rice? Or fifteen must-do training tips to beat your first marathon. These all sound much more specific to your personal goals, location and lifestyle.

See, no one has time for irrelevant email updates. So leave Spam City and join Run Intel, an exclusive new pilot initiative from Outside Run, and our sister brands Trail runner and Running for women. Help us develop a nuanced understanding of your interests so we can get to the point and design email updates just for you.

Getting started is easy: you share training data from your GPS watch. We’ll take it from there.

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More detail:

  • Who is this Intel for? Dedicated runners who are data driven and use their GPS watches (Suunto, Garmin, Coros, Polar) to regularly track training and progress towards goal.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, Fitbit, Oura Ring or other wearables, hang in there! After this beta round, we plan to make it compatible as well. Let us know if you have a specific device that you would like us to include in future development.
  • Run Intel beta testers will participate in our Data Exchange program through DashLX, our technology partner that handles all of your wearable data. DashLX allows you to connect your devices and import data that helps us understand your lived experience. Creating an account is free and takes a few seconds.
  • After signing up for Run Intel with Outside Run, you will receive a customized newsletter in a few weeks instead of our normal weekly newsletter. The content that goes into your update is tailored to you based on the GPS watch data you share with us.
  • These email updates look different than regular external emails. You will know the difference immediately when you open the email.
  • You will only receive Run Intel if your data provides a reliable match with the correct content. This may not happen every week. Less is more!
  • Feedback is encouraged. This is a pilot project for us to be more specific in our email updates, based on data from you, and take the guesswork out of who you are and what you need. Look for a survey at the bottom of each Intel and let us know how well these emails match your profile. This is an exciting new technology and we are committed to making it better and better.
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Your GPS watch can now generate personalized emails from Outside Run

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