Why The Pregnancy Speculation Around Olivia Attwood’s I’m A Celeb Departure Needs To Stop

Let’s start with a very clear statement: it is never okay to ask a woman if she is pregnant. Ever.

Olivia Attwood has been forced (again) to answer questions speculating about her pregnancy. The Love Island star was set to compete in the current series of the ITV show, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, but had to pull out just 24 hours after joining her camp mates. Her representatives later said it was for “medical reasons.” From then on, speculation about the cause of her departure grew and the overwhelming public narrative was that she was pregnant.

Despite explaining her departure was due to dangerous anemia on numerous morning talk shows — and addressing the pregnancy rumors — viewers are still questioning her. On Instagram, Olivia was asked by a fan, “Are you pregnant?” Olivia answered the question on her Instagram story: “Like 3000 of these [questions]..No. No pregnancies. Let’s stop asking women this too.’

Olivia elaborated on her departure and was adamant that she wanted to “leave the subject behind,” adding, “If you look, the reason is there.” I gave an interview in my words and a talk on This Morning.’ Add: “I know it doesn’t make sense to many of you, but it doesn’t make sense to me if it makes you feel better.”

The fact that Olivia even feels like she has to answer this question is disturbing. It’s even more shocking that in 2022, people still think this is an appropriate question to ask a woman. Newsflash: It’s not.

We understand that celebrities are public figures, so there is often this idea that we owe all the information about them. Now that Olivia is a reality star, this is reinforced, but she’s still a human being with feelings. Celebrity or not – pressuring a woman to comment on their body sets a dangerous precedent.

Pregnancies are personal to each individual woman and you never know what struggles they go through behind closed doors. Can you imagine that she has been trying to conceive for ages, but has failed? Or if she had miscarried like 1 in 4 women in the UK according to Tommy’s? Or she doesn’t want kids at all. Can you imagine what it would feel like if everyone speculated about it in such detail online? It’s terrible.

Let’s put this harmful narrative behind us and stop questioning women about their status is life. From intrusive questions about marriage to children, it’s all incredibly overwhelming.

Why The Pregnancy Speculation Around Olivia Attwood’s I’m A Celeb Departure Needs To Stop

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