Where to find free baby formula in Houston, TX

Houston is one of the hardest hit cities when it comes to the baby formula shortage, forcing desperate parents to drive hours just to feed their babies.

HOUSTON — You’ve heard the stories: Desperate moms and dads driving hours to find baby formula; empty shelves; worried experts. 

More than 40% of the most popular brands of formula are sold out at stores across the nation, according to an analysis of grocery stock from Datasembly.

Help is coming this weekend for Houston parents.  

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is teaming up with the National Association of Christian Churches Houston to give away baby formula Saturday to Houstonians in need. 

“I will try to help by partnering with NACC Houston on May 14 from 2-6pm at Yates High School for a drive-through giveaway,” Rep. Lee told KHOU 11.

Yates High School is located at 3650 Alabama St.

There’s a limited supply but Lee vows to continue to work to increase availability for Houston and the rest of the nation.

“I understand the crisis mothers are facing in finding formula. I’m working with President Biden on supply chain issues but there must be an urgent response now,” Lee said.

Congress plans to address the national baby formula shortage in a hearing later this month.

In the meantime, parents of most babies six months or older who don’t have special needs can use whole cow’s milk in a pinch, as long as it’s only used for a brief period, Dr. Steven Abrams, a professor of pediatrics at the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin, told CBS MoneyWatch.

“But for babies under six months of age, it’s a real problem, especially in the first few months. Whole cow milk is not a good alternative, nor are adaptive cow milk formulas,” Dr. Abrams said.


Where to find free baby formula in Houston, TX

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