What I learned at an olive oil tasting in a 1000 year old grove

If your idea of ​​Mallorca is ‘sunshine and shagaluf’ rather than ‘sophisticated gastronomic getaway’, prepare to be corrected. Granted, there Is a part of the island that is very Sun, sex and suspicious parentsbut for those in the know, Mallorca is the perfect balance of lush mountains, blue-on-blue sea and sky, and fantastic food around every corner.

And while at women health Because we firmly believe that food is as much about enjoyment as it is about nutrition, it has not escaped our notice that the typical dishes of Mallorcan cuisine are often a perfect combination of the two. Think fresh fish from the surrounding sea, local produce grown on the island and of course Mallorca’s own liquid gold: olive oil.

If you’re not up to date on its health benefits, a quick recap: Olive oil is packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants, disease-preventing polyphenols, and monounsaturated fats that have been shown to lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, keeping that ticker healthy.

In fact, an American study last year found that those who consumed more than half a tablespoon of olive oil a day had a lower risk of dying prematurely from cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke than those who never did or rarely used. The message? It’s oiling time.

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So where should I go to increase my consumption?

Drive half an hour outside of Palma, the capital of Mallorca, to Finca Son Moragues.

Formerly an abandoned old olive grove, Finca Son Moragues has been restored to its former glory by a Spanish billionaire. As well as producing its own brand of liquid gold, the estate offers guided tours with tastings, rolling through the groves in an open-top, refurbished, green Land Rover, dodging the low-hanging fruit of the fertile trees. The upcoming harvest, we are told, is set to be a bumper one, meaning there will be a lot of ducking and diving.

Some of the ancient olive trees here are over a thousand years old, meaning the oil they produce is uniquely potent – something I discovered during the sommelier-led tasting at the “Merienda” (aka Elfer). This took place in a rustic Mallorcan farmhouse, where the wooden table was laden with local delicacies such as bread, cheese, meat and wine, as well as the finca’s olive oil, gin, chutney and jams.

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Our resident sommelier guides us through a tasting, helping us understand what you should experience as you sip, swig and sip. Basically, the more you feel the burning in your throat, the better the quality of the oil – this peppery pungency is a sign that it is not only fresh, but also rich in antioxidant polyphenols.

Armed with this knowledge, I probably start gargling the good stuff when I’m at a restaurant? Probably not, but it’s the kind of niche jerk-off that’s fun to tell the oh-so-irritating pseudo-wine connoisseur at a dinner party. Consider it firmly kept in my arsenal…

OK, I’m sold. where can i stay

At Jumeirah Port Soller – A luxury five night hotel currently celebrating its 10th anniversary which organizes private tours of Finca Son Moragues for guests. While Jumeirah is probably best known for being a chic chain (the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai and Capri Palace in Capri are also among its offerings), the brand’s Port Soller outpost is quite unique. In fact, there really is nothing quite like it on Mallorca.

Perched on a cliff overlooking the coastal town of Port Sóller, the views here include the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Sierra de Tramuntana on the other. Meanwhile, the valley below is filled with orange-clad citrus trees and ancient olive groves that produce the oil the area is so well known for. It’s quite spectacular – the kind of place where you really want to spoil yourself.

The view from my balcony at Jumeirah Port Soller

The elegant, sumptuous rooms here all offer either mountain or sea views – my balcony offered an endless blue panorama over the azure Mediterranean Sea below. And when did the sun go down? I retreated to my enormous marble bathroom for a soak in the enormous bathtub before wrapping myself in a soft, fluffy bathrobe and making myself a tea with the local honey, which I had carefully left out to seal it enjoy.

Is the food good there?

Absolutely. Jumeirah Port Soller is also an excellent base if you want to fully enjoy the island’s culinary offerings. Let’s start with breakfast on the terrace at Cap Roig Brasserie, which deserves a special mention thanks to the trolley that rolls around and delivers fresh chocolate and churros – they’re sweet fried dough sticks, FYI. Sure, it might not exactly scream “nutrient dense” when it comes to breakfast, but you know, #balance.

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For dinner, head to Es Fanals – the hotel’s extravagant fine-dining eatery, where the Spanish-inspired food focuses on both taste and show (think sweet cherry tomato gazpacho with a side of fresh Sóller shrimp carpaccio and garnish with a lime-infused bubble blown before your eyes).

Afterwards, you can enjoy a sundowner in the atmospheric Sunset Lounge rooftop bar while the nightly DJ spins his signature beats. Special mention deserves the amazing mocktail Sage Me Up with elderflower, sage, martini floreale and botanical tonic – *Chefs Kiss*.

What about wellness?

Well covered thanks to a gym with mountain views from your treadmill and the epic Talise Spa. Sign up for one of Jumeirah’s signature Zen massages or choose from the many facilities including a bio sauna, two hammam suites, an ice fountain, a salt steam room and a relaxation room. I chose to just lounge on the submerged loungers in the panoramic hydrotherapy pool and take in the stunning scenery. How often do you get a sight like that?

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But it’s also worth noting that there’s just an overall zen feel here, thanks to a tranquil adults-only infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the over 400 pieces of art that adorn the hotel’s walls, and the botanical staircases that line the walls rooms meander through the hills. Essentially, it’s the kind of place where it’s impossible to feel stressed out – just what you need after a weekend getaway.

how much will it cost me

Rooms start from £517pn, including breakfast (jumeirah.com/mallorca)

What I learned at an olive oil tasting in a 1000 year old grove

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