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WELLSVILLE — The Wellsville school board approved Monday night the purchase of two used buses from the Columbiana County MRDD for $15,000.

Superintendent Richard Bereschik noted that the district is getting a new bus, which is being built, but they can take two years to get it and the district’s buses need repairs, so they decided to buy the used buses.

Buses just need to be inspected.

Board members also passed a motion to approve the five-year forecast for fiscal 2023.

The five-year forecast indicates that during the first four years the district’s finances will be stable. The fourth year leaves a little to be desired and the fifth year indicates that they would be in the red. It has been noted that being in the red in the fifth year is not uncommon for a five-year forecast.

School treasurer Marcy Thompson noted that it is imperative that the district start taking money from the plant and they will have to start looking at cost-cutting measures.

For staffing issues, board members approved the addition of Barbara Recek and Cassie Bloor to the replacement roster and a roster of 18 school volunteers.

They also approved Dale Palmer for bowling coach, Derrick Suggs and Randy Thrasher for girls jr. basketball coach, Tom Redman IV to wrestling coach, and men’s basketball coach Nate Scott.

A two-year contract for Garfield principal Lisa Ferguson has been approved for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school years.

Bereschik told council members that the district was involved with the Wellsville Foundation and county hospital in the possibility of bringing a clinic to Wellsville for the benefit of Wellsville residents. He also noted that he sent a memo of understanding saying the school will support this and that it won’t cost them anything.

He noted that while he knows there are hospitals and medical facilities in East Liverpool, the city can be a long way away for those without transport. Therefore, they want to be active partners in a village clinic.

A donation was sent to him on November 21st.

The Wellsville Board of Education meets at the Jr./Mr. High School Media Center on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. The next meeting will be held on December 19th.

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Wellsville BOE approves bus purchase | News, Sports, Jobs

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