‘Weight watchers and Lululemon MIRROR workouts helped me lose 50 pounds.’

My name is Jessie Danville (@fit4jessie) and I’m 35 years old. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and am a stay at home mom. Seeing my mother’s health deteriorate made me realize that I needed to prioritize my well-being, paying attention to my nutrition and fitness. I started following Weight Watchers to develop better eating habits and transitioned from walking to running and lifting weights. I lost 50 pounds and transformed my mindset and health.

I’ve been overweight my entire adult life. I didn’t grow up in a family that prioritized health, nutrition, or wellness of any kind, so when I went off to college, I started gaining weight right away. This continued into my 30s. I never understood what it meant to think about my long-term health or weight; I was constantly in survival mode. Immediate gratification was my coping mechanism for most of my life, and it led me down some very dark paths when it came to my weight.

Growing up in a food insecure household, I always ate what was in front of me because I didn’t know when I would have my next hot meal and that sense of urgency carried over into adulthood because I never really processed how abnormal it was. I never tried to control my weight because I never thought about the long-term ramifications of my dietary and fitness choices. My brain was focused on getting what I needed or wanted right away because I felt like it could be taken away at any moment. I reached my highest weight after my first pregnancy when I was 28 – I hit 220 pounds.

I got sober from alcohol in October 2019, which has been a lifelong struggle for me. My recovery has allowed me to have the clarity of mind that I didn’t have when I was active in my addiction. Then in April 2020 my mother died of COVID. She had suffered from a rare form of dementia praecox since she was 40.

When my mother died, I realized that I needed to be incredibly proactive about my own health to prevent myself from ending up with the same illness as her.

No one in my family modeled healthy eating or fitness, and I decided the day she died that I would not continue to replicate those standards for another generation. I wanted my children to watch their mother love and care for herself in a way that I wasn’t able to witness in my own childhood.

Losing my mother was the most painful and miraculous thing that has ever happened in my life. I watched her slowly suffer through many, many years of dementia. When she got rid of it, it felt like the lightbulb went off for me. I would change my habits and patterns in the direction of a long, happy, healthy life for my own children. I would do everything in my power to stay healthy for them.

I decided to sign up with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) because everyone I knew who tried it had success with it.

It’s simple to use and it’s intuitive. I eat as many nutrient-dense foods as I can and add less nutrient-dense foods every now and then. I eat a huge amount of protein, which keeps me full so I snack less than I used to. I like to eat this way because it’s simple and I’m never hungry.

I immediately started tracking every single thing I ate for two weeks to get an idea of ​​exactly how much I was consuming. I think this step is fundamental; many of us have no idea how much we are actually absorbing over the course of a day. Once I did that, I started looking for WW friendly recipe bloggers (Sweet Savory and Steph is my current favorite) and started bookmarking the recipes I thought I would like and be able to repeat.

I started making meals for the week every Sunday and pre-tracking those meals on my phone to save time. It saved a lot of time and kept me accountable to myself to stay on track.

Here’s what I eat in a day.

  • Breakfast: A bowl of low-fat Greek yogurt mixed with a scoop of protein powder and topped with frozen berries
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken salad on a bed of butter lettuce, sliced ​​bell pepper and spicy hummus on the side
  • Snacks: A packet of spicy tuna with crackers, jerky turkey, or a protein shake with powdered peanut butter and almond milk
  • To have lunch: Pepper stuffed with sliced ​​chicken topped with fat-free cheese, baby spinach with balsamic drizzle on the side
  • Dessert: Oatmeal topped with dark chocolate chips, fried apples and a dollop of peanut butter

I immediately started walking every day.

I had to start slowly, using Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home videos on YouTube, and then build up to three-mile outdoor walks. After a few months, I started running guided runs on my phone. So about a month after that I started lifting weights. Now I focus heavily on strength training with my Lululemon MIRROR and lift three times a week. I run twice a week and aim to hit 7,500 steps a day each of those days.

Walking and lifting weights completely transformed my body into a strong, lean version of myself I never knew could exist, and they made me fall in love with fitness. I don’t move my body to lose weight – I move my body because it gives me energy and will help me stay healthy for the rest of my life. It makes me a better, happier version of myself and shows me that I’m not stuck. I’m a malleable human who can overcome and move forward in ways I never believed I could.

These three changes made my weight loss journey successful.

  1. I began to identify myself as a fit person. From day one, I started telling myself, I am becoming a fit person. I started making choices that a fit person would make, even when I weighed 200 pounds. I decided to make fitness and health a core part of my identity rather than focusing on losing weight to simply look better.
  2. I made my health-related goal. I never focused on reaching a specific weight goal. I told myself that if I stayed within my WW Points budget one day at a time, and if I walked and drank water, I would be doing right by my body. I looked at it as a daily medicine that would ward off illness as I got older. This is a moving target – there is no finish line. This allows me to maintain consistency.
  3. I take it 24 hours a day. Just like with my sobriety, I just focus on tracking what I eat, move, and drink water for a single day. I can’t do these weight loss things for a year or a month, but I can absolutely commit to doing it for a single day. I wake up every day and commit to focusing only on today.

I’ve lost 50 pounds so far, and it’s taken me nine months.

I kept this loss for over a year and a half. Losing weight is never just losing weight. When you are able to keep daily promises to yourself, make changes to your daily habits that are better for you instead of harmful, and prove to yourself that you can stay consistent, you learn to trust yourself.

Now I know I can keep the promise to myself to eat a high-protein breakfast. I can keep a promise to myself to drink a few glasses of water and go for a walk in the sunshine under a bright blue sky. I can promise myself that I won’t drink myself to sleep anymore. I learned that I have within me all the traits and abilities that I used to constantly look to others for in hopes that someone else would do the hard stuff for me and keep me safe. I can do these things on my own now – it’s all right inside me. The smaller jeans size is just a bonus.

‘Weight watchers and Lululemon MIRROR workouts helped me lose 50 pounds.’

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