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There are several diet plans for women that can be effective for weight loss. Here are some of the top options recommended by experts.

Balanced Plate Method

Paulina Lee, a Registered Dietitian in Sugar Land, Texas, and founder of Savvy Stummy, a wellness program designed to support gut health, notes that the Balanced Plate Method can be an easy way to add variety to your diet. “Instead of counting calories or tracking macros, just fill your 9-inch plate where half the plate is vegetables, a quarter of the plate is lean protein, and a quarter of the plate is starches,” she explains.

According to Lee, this eating pattern is sustainable, realistic, and effective for long-term weight loss. “Not to mention, rounding out a meal with fiber, protein, and healthy fats will keep you fuller longer, which can reduce between-meal snacking and other cravings,” she says.

A review of 23 studies concluded that portion control plates, which incorporate the same guidelines of the balanced plate method, could help people who are overweight and obese or with type 2 diabetes support weight loss. The review also found that portion control platters have been linked to several positive dietary behaviors, including increased intake of fruits and vegetables.

Weight loss plans for women in 2023 – Forbes Health

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