Volunteer with veterans to gain valuable experience

We often discuss the benefits of working at VA, but part of turning a job into a career is finding the right person for you. So how would you know if you really want to work at VA? Voluntary!

In VA, Volunteer Service strives to meet the needs of Veterans of America in many different ways, and there are countless opportunities for you to get involved by helping with recreational, operational, or even clinical needs in the VA.

professional possibilities

With over 1,300 facilities in our network, medical expertise is always in high demand. Through Volunteer Service, we recruit and place fully licensed physicians and clinicians on a healthcare team at a VA hospital to serve veteran patients in various clinical areas.

The Medical Ambassador Program is a non-compensated program that gives you the opportunity to give back to the veterans community. Many facilities are looking for specialists in emergency medicine, primary care, mental health and cardiac care, but contacting your local VA facility is a great place to start.

student support

Student volunteers can be an important part of a VA medical center’s care team and provide a valuable element in caring for veterans.

The VA Voluntary Service program offers excellent opportunities to:

  • Exploring career options in healthcare
  • Gain experience in a healthcare environment
  • learning new skills
  • Expanding your network and even making new friends

In addition to gaining valuable experience and training that will benefit you in applying for college and jobs, volunteering with VA can also help you apply for a variety of university scholarships, including our own James H. Parke Memorial Scholarship.

virtual volunteering

An exciting facet of our volunteer service is the Compassionate Contact Corps, a virtual social prescription program for veterans who may be experiencing loneliness or are socially isolated.

You’ll meet a senior and will typically call your new friend about once a week to provide socialization and companionship over the phone or through video calls.

Many volunteers for this program come from veterans service organizations, and others are veterans themselves, but neither is a requirement to volunteer in the program.

And much more

Depending on the needs of your local facility, there are many ways to explore what it means to work in the VA. Whatever your specialty, you can take the time to help with arts and crafts projects, prepare and serve snacks, run errands, or help our veterans move around the building.

Not sure what opportunities are around your neck? Search our directory of VA facilities and contact the volunteer coordinator in your area.

An experience that will matter

In addition to providing valuable assistance to our veterans, the VA volunteer experience can have a lasting impact on your pursuit of a career. In response to a question from a member of our “Talk About It Tuesday” audience, host Mike Owens noted that volunteering is an important part of his resume.

“You should always include volunteer service, especially if the volunteer experience is related to the position you are applying for,” he said. “Even if it’s not something you got paid for, you should add this to your resume because it shows you have experience.”

He added that even if the experience isn’t directly related to the job posting, you should still include it because it might demonstrate something positive about you that would grab the attention of a hiring manager.

“We all know there are job description requirements that a hiring manager wants you to have, but there’s also a list of attributes they want you to have,” he explained. “Your paid experience may not show these attributes, but your volunteer service may show some of these attributes.”

And what better place to gain that experience than right here in the VA?

Work at VA

Volunteers provide needed help throughout our facilities and make patient experiences more enjoyable. Bring your talents to our team.

Volunteer with veterans to gain valuable experience

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