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The University of New Mexico College of Nursing’s master of science program is ranked No. 21 while the UNM School of Engineering’s master’s program retained its No. 61 position in the nation, according to the last US News and World Report Survey of the best online programs 2023 published on January 24.

Additionally, making its debut in the American News Ranking in 2023 is UNM’s Internet of Things Computer Engineering Master’s Program, which is ranked #41 in the Best Online Computer Information Technology Master’s Programs. The degree program focuses on the growing field of the Internet of Things, which is a collection of physical devices containing embedded electronics, software, sensors, and networking capabilities. The program offers courses in topics such as machine learning, digital signal processing, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.

Last year, UNM Engineering’s online master’s programs were #61. In 2021, the programs were ranked #50, up from #53 in 2020 and #68 in 2019, the first year the programs have been classified. The first year the School of Engineering submitted data for the global online survey was 2017.

The University of New Mexico College of Nursing Masters of Nursing is also ranked fourth in the Mountain West region of the same US News and World Report rankings.

“The ranking shows that we have programs designed to help students apply the skills and knowledge learned to improve the nursing profession,” said program coordinator Nancye Cole. She, along with Tamara Shannon, leads both online concentrations.

A good nursing program should be well-rounded and “prepare students for all aspects of nursing,” Cole said. “It involves mastering the curriculum, health care financing, finding a strong voice, and knowing how to use the tools the program gives them in a practical way. This is what future nursing leadership needs.

UNM’s nursing programs stand out from other online programs because they provide a “roadmap for students, not just a list of instructions,” Cole said.

The UNM College of Nursing is home to several nationally ranked programs and is ranked the #1 nursing program in New Mexico. The College offers additional Master of Science in Advanced Practice programs for Family Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners.

In addition to the Internet of Things master’s degree, the School of Engineering currently offers the following fully online graduate programs: Construction Management Master’s Program, which has been offered in a fully online format since 2016; The Master of Engineering (M.Eng) in Civil Engineering is designed to accommodate students with an interest or experience in civil engineering as a professional practice; and a Masters in Space Systems Engineering offers two tracks, one leading to a Masters in Electrical Engineering and the other to a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

The American News rankings are based on a variety of factors, including student engagement, faculty credentials, peer review, services and technologies, and student excellence. More than 1,800 online bachelor’s and master’s programs from public and private institutions were evaluated this year. The ranking only includes degree-granting programs that are offered primarily online by regionally accredited institutions.

Additional information about UNM’s online programs is available at online.unm.edu.

**This story was compiled from information provided by UNM Health and Health Sciences and the UNM School of Engineering.

UNM’s Online Programs Ranked Top in Latest “US News” Poll : UNM Newsroom

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