Try out the 11 best Apple Fitness+ workouts of 2022

Apple Fitness+ had a hugely successful 2022. Thanks to software updates, users could finally access Apple Fitness+ only on their iPhone or Apple TV, instead of needing an Apple Watch. If you’ve been wanting to try Apple Fitness+ but haven’t been sold on an Apple Watch yet, you might be tempted to see what’s on offer on your iPhone.

Conveniently, Apple has published a list of its Fitness+ trainers’ favorite workouts and meditations starting in 2022. To give you some great ideas for getting started with the Fitness+ service, here are some of those top picks from the Fitness+ Catalog.

Three Strength options were on the list and you couldn’t start a better workout than Strength With Sam. Grab some dumbbells and join trainer Sam Sanchez as she leads you through a 30-minute routine inspired by superstar Shakira’s Latin grooves.

As with all Apple Fitness+ workouts, there are alternate moves demonstrated by Sam’s workout companions, so if you’re new to this type of strength training, just follow the less intense variations as you adapt. The half hour flies by.

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ HIIT with Bakari workout

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is an excellent form of cardio training and Everything Rock is one of three HIIT workouts on Apple’s list. This energetic 30 minute program will have you rocking along to rock tracks from Good Charlotte, The Offspring and Fall Out Boy as you follow four sets of moves each three times. In between you have intervals of 40 seconds to catch your breath.

Screenshot of APPle Fitness+ Yoga with Jonelle workout

Yoga is an integral part of Apple Fitness+ and is an excellent addition to all of its cardio and strength programs. Yoga is great for your physical and mental health, helping your strength, posture and agility while calming the mind. And there are many smart yoga gadgets and equipment to help you practice.

One of the top picks on Apple Fitness+ is this hip-hop/R&B routine inspired by Black Music Month and featuring legends like Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross. This energetic class demonstrates one of the unique features of Apple Fitness+, the innovative use of the very best music available. With the trainers drawing from the vast Apple Music archives, you’ll find exciting and unusual combinations of tunes and moves in the workout library every week.

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ Dance With Jhon workout

It would be remiss of Apple not to include Dance workouts when it has almost every dance track you’ve ever moved to. You will not be disappointed when you browse this section of the Fitness+ collection.

Apple Instructors picked three Dance workouts in their Best of 2022, and one you should definitely try is the Latin-tinged Dance With Jhon, which was first released to coincide with Heart Month. The songs are about matters of the heart, and you will make your own heart beat faster as you follow the fun moves.

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ Treadmill with Emily workout

Do you like to use a treadmill to exercise? Apple Fitness+ has plenty of options for workouts between 10 and 45 minutes. Emily Fayette’s Top Country workout is 21 minutes long and you’ll be pushed along by some of country music’s most influential female artists, such as Dolly Parton and LeAnn Rimes. By alternating between moderate and vigorous intensities, you get an upbeat, motivating program for the gym or your home equipment.

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ Pilates workout

Only two Pilates routines made the Apple top workouts list, which is surprising since Pilates is such a great way to strengthen your core and improve your posture. To get you started, there are plenty of great online Pilates classes you can join.

If you’re a Fitness+ subscriber, grab a resistance band and a mat for Pilates With Marimba Gold-Watts, and you’ll find yourself going through a series of controlled movements to work your core and shoulders. The soundtrack features classic throwback hits from 1970s artists such as Marvin Gaye.

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ cycling training

Mary J. Blige’s powerful anthems power this 30-minute high-intensity indoor cycling workout over a series of 12 intervals led by Sherica Holmon.

This is one of many Artist Spotlight workouts you can find across the full range of workout options in Apple Fitness+. Whatever your musical taste, there will undoubtedly be artists or bands that will catch your eye and offer you inspiring Fitness+ workouts.

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ rowing workout

Rowing with Josh Crosby is one of only two rowing workouts to make Apple’s Best Of list. It’s unusual for rowing workouts to be included in general fitness apps, so the growing catalog of Apple Fitness+ rowing challenges is very welcome.

This Pure Dance workout takes you through a virtual race day and challenges you to row as far as you can in eight minutes. The target is 2,000 meters. You work to race pace and steadily increase the intensity under Josh’s guidance. Busting your lungs is a challenge, but you’ll feel great when you accomplish it!

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ core workout

Train your abs with one of the Apple Fitness+ Core workouts. If you’re a fan of 80s music, try crunches, V-sits and cycling while listening to a soundtrack featuring Queen, Bananarama and UB40. There are shorter workouts than this 20-minute endurance test, so try one of the 5-minute programs if you want a slightly less intense challenge.

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ meditation workout

The Apple Fitness+ Meditation series is exceptional, offering calm, focus, resilience and, most recently, sleep meditations that you can use for any kind of guidance you need while taking a moment of focus to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. ground.

This Purpose Meditation, led by JoAnna Hardy, is designed to help you reflect on the people, places, and experiences of your past and recognize how they shaped your life and whether they can help inform your future. This may be an unsettling experience for some, but the instructor’s friendly demeanor ensures a calm and gentle session. Spotify’s mindful meditation content has even more options for you to explore.

Screenshot of Apple Fitness+ Mindful Cooldown workout

Apple’s Mindful Cooldown series is another hidden gem in the Apple Fitness+ library. These 5 or 10 minute sessions are designed to help you finish the exercise gently and mindfully. They are mini-meditations combined with stretching exercises; you can do them anytime to relieve stress.

No matter which one you choose, try this short five-minute Mindful Cooldown with Gregg Cook that will stretch your hips, thighs and hamstrings with a short meditation at the end. It’s worth adding a Mindful Cooldown to any of the exercises on this list as the perfect conclusion to your workout.

Discover Apple Fitness+ for an ever-evolving workout experience

Apple Fitness+ goes from strength to strength with an ever-evolving catalog of new workouts designed to motivate and challenge your mind and body. These examples of some of the best workouts of 2022 should give you some inspiration for your fitness journey. It’s all part of Apple’s continued focus on health and wellness.

Try out the 11 best Apple Fitness+ workouts of 2022

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