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While I love the mental and physical benefits of a good workout, after a solid three-year hiatus (blaming the pandemic-induced gym shutdown for… part of this time) I’ve noticed that I had cemented myself back into the weekly fitness routine has been next to impossible; I’ve been able to take 40-minute walks here and there with a gentle incline on my treadmill, and I even successfully completed two full months of weekly Pilates before I got married last year. Still, I must admit that finding a way to regain the motivation to return to a lifestyle where regular exercise was non-negotiable has been an uphill battle at times, literally.

Over the past year, I’ve come to accept that my all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to physical health no longer serves me well, mentally or physically. It took me a long time to realize that just because you’re eating a greasy burrito for breakfast doesn’t mean the rest of the day or diet is doomed, and ordering fast food from the couch is the only reasonable option to avoid such a failure. to honor.

From now on it’s all about small steps: small, achievable goals and staying consistent Don’t get me wrong; I’m still looking for shortcuts to get the most out of my workouts and health efforts. If you’ve ever talked to me, you’ve probably heard about my beloved sauna blanket and how, in addition to detoxifying the body, it can also help you burn (allegedly) up to 600 calories per hour just by lying in it.

This is just one example of my commitment to getting out of workouts the easy way without blowing them off completely. Whether you want to amp up the results of your exercise routine or are just looking for small ways to help you move a little more without committing too much to daunting goals, scroll below to see my favorite fitness products for people who are slow and are more inclined to rest than activity (read: the “lazy” workout class).

DeskCycle mini elliptical machine for under the desk

Reduced from $280

DeskCycle offers a few work-at-home-friendly and lazy-approved exercise machines that help you take extra steps, build lean muscle tone, and get a cardio workout at home — whether you’re on a Zoom call while working remotely or catching up on your favorite shows. This under-desk elliptical has gained quite a cult following for its ease of use and convenience. “So quiet, a must for anyone glued to their desk for 8 hours or more. I work from home and when I’m at my desk my heart rate will stay between 50-62 BPM, that’s practically hibernation. Using the desk bike I can get my heart rate up to 95-125 BPM. When I use my Apple Watch to track elliptical movements, I burn an average of 400 calories per day,” says one reviewer.

LifePro fitness device with vibration plate

Reduced from $269

Touted for its ability to burn extra calories, improve circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, and even reduce back pain, vibration therapy has made a big comeback in the past year. Vibrations cause the muscles to contract, just like they would if you were, say, lifting some weights while doing bicep curls, which are thought to help build muscle and burn fat just by standing on the machine . You can find these devices in gyms or invest in them at home. “After having 2 kids in less than 2 years, I had stopped exercising consistently and found it hard to get back into it. I went on Amazon and typed in “get toned at home easy,” and this was one of the products that came up. After using it for a month, my body finally started to tighten up again. I also noticed that I slept better,” said a five-star Amazon reviewer.

Adding a weight vest to my walks has made a big difference. The added resistance makes the workouts much more challenging, and I feel like I use more muscle and burn more calories when I wear it. I like Lara Croft Tomb Raider deal with it? Yes, but I’m not mad about it. Other Amazon shoppers also seem to be seeing accelerated results with it. “Great addition to any workout or hike! Sand-filled straps provide a comfortable fit that doesn’t dig into my shoulders or neck like other vests have done,” said one Amazon shopper.

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket

I could wax poetic about the sauna blanket all day if you’ll let me. The health and mood-boosting benefits I’ve experienced after using mine for a year have consistently blown away my expectations, and I now could never live without it. The sauna blanket makes this list because if you lay in it for an hour you can burn up to 600 calories without having to move your body, but the post-run high you feel afterwards, along with the flushing out of heavy metals and toxins , is a bigger selling point, in my opinion. Click here to read more about the benefits and my experience. I also really love the infrared sauna blankets from Sun Home Sauna and Heat Healer.

Cyrotherapy Circulation Therapy Machine

Ice baths and cyrotherapy are currently having an important moment in the wellness area. Ice and cold therapy are believed to provide a slew of health-promoting benefits, including speeding post-workout recovery, improving circulation, and suppressing inflammation. This home-use device works similarly to cold therapy devices in spas, but allows you to reap the benefits in the comfort of your own home. It’s not necessarily a workout device, but it’s a useful tool for post-workout soreness and an injury prevention aid. “This device is great because it gives you a constant source of cold without having to worry about your body heating up the source to the point that it is no longer cold. It also allows you to stay in one place and not have to walk to exchange ice packs,” says one five-star reviewer.

Weighted ankle and wrist weights have been around since the ’80s, but thanks to Bala, they’ve never been chic and wearable. I like using mine when I’m doing housework, taking out the trash, or even on my wrists when I’m typing… hey, it’s better than nothing, right? “These are so great. Even though they only weigh 1 pound each, that little bit of weight makes a big difference when doing yoga, pilates, hiking, etc. The color and design are beautiful too. Absolutely recommended,” wrote one five-star Amazon buyer.

Gaiam classic balance ball chair

An excellent alternative to the beloved standing desk, Gaim’s balance and exercise ball chair promises to engage the core, encourage better posture, and increase focus by inducing micro-movements while seated. Do you get six-pack abs from using the chair? Probably not, but many Amazon reviewers say they’ve noticed a notable improvement in their help across the board. “My abs and back hurt less within a few days. My core started to firm up. I would like to say that I developed a six pack, but no. Instead, my stomach became firmer and flatter. My love handles don’t shake that much,” said one Amazon shopper.

Catalyst EMS Fitness System

Get a two-hour workout in just 20 minutes with Katalyst’s next-level fitness system that harnesses the power of EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) to target hard-to-engage muscles while amplifying fat burning. Katalyst is the first-ever home EMS training system and the only FDA-cleared whole-body EMS product for consumer use. The celebrity-approved Katalyst System comes with an EMS suit and access to a library of trainer-led workouts from cardio to strength training, HIIT and more. I used the Katalyst for a week and it was the worst I’ve ever had after a workout. If you’re looking for a time-saving workout that maximizes your results, look no further than Katalyst.

The DB method squat machine

This internet-famous squat machine went viral during the pandemic thanks to its foolproof and easy-to-use design that maximizes results (and lifts the booty) with minimal effort. Our staff writer Erica is a huge fan and credits the DB method for giving her a better rear end without the gym. “The DB method helped me get my most muscular thighs ever. My muscles are strong without being bulky, and the assets squashed from working at a desk all day have also perked up admirably. Now my knee doesn’t creak so much and I don’t use a support bandage anymore,” she says in her review. Read it here.


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Training products for lazy people

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