This under-30 Lister has her eyes set on female-specific psychiatric treatments

While we can all agree that humanity has long suffered from ailments of the mind and soul, the field of psychiatric research and treatment is still in its infancy. Until recently, there was little gender-specific drug development and research. Many of the drugs on the market today have been developed primarily or exclusively for male patients; there is a similar disparity between races. Forbes 30 Under 30 Healthcare 2023 lister Briana Chen is working to eliminate it.

Chen conducts research on gender differences, stress and psychiatric disorders at Columbia University. Her research focuses on the development of prophylactic treatments, which are administered in moments of stress – as a kind of vaccine, she says, against psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. She first became interested in sex-specific treatments when Columbia’s lab discovered ketamine as one of the first prophylactic drugs, but there was only data for men with depression and anxiety.

There is data showing that women may experience symptoms such as sleep disturbances and different energy levels more often than men. There are also specific depressive disorders that only occur in women, many of which are hormonal changes, such as premenstrual dysphoric disorder or postpartum depression. Current antidepressants on the market (tested and developed primarily or exclusively for men) are generally safe and effective for all patients, Chen says, but there is also data showing that women are more likely than men to experience adverse side effects. of these drugs. Furthermore, women also respond differently to dosage, Chen discovered.

Due to the lack of attention, so many patients don’t get the best care for their bodies, says Chen.

“Sex-specific research doesn’t just benefit women, it can benefit anyone,” she says. “If we take a more nuanced view of psychiatry, in this case, but also just biology in general, we can really develop treatments for psychiatric disorders that have fewer side effects and are effective in different populations.”

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A minute with Mackenzie Drazan, co-founder of MiResource

This week we spoke with Mackenzie Drazan, the co-founder of MiResource, a software startup that manages a network of mental health providers specifically targeting middle-aged patients. Drazan and her co-founder Gabriela Asturias were on the 30 Under 30 Healthcare list in 2022.

A staple of your morning routine?

podcasts! normally I listen to The daily while I get ready in the morning.

A habit, hobby or practice that has a positive impact on your mental health?

Mindfulness and diaries. Whenever I’m stuck or having a stressful moment during the day, I take 60 seconds to do a quick mindfulness practice or write down what I’m struggling with.

Your go-to, feel-good album or song?

Sia’s “Unstoppable” is my number when I need energy for something.

What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

Always prioritize sleep. You become more productive and make better decisions. If you’re sleep-deprived and you need to make an important decision or solve a complicated problem, take a two-hour nap and then move on. You’ll be amazed at how much better equipped you’ll be.

Prioritize learning how to manage stress. Being a founder means the bar is always moving so your work is always changing and there will never be a milestone you reach where it gets less stressful. The stress won’t go away until you learn to deal with it.

Finally, enjoy the process!

Favorite part of being a founder?

The best thing about being a founder is that you always learn something new!

Thrush Lowdown

Adonis, a medical billing platform that automates the collections process between healthcare providers and insurance companies, announced this week that it has raised $17.3 million in its Series A round led by General Catalyst and joined by existing investors Bling Capital, Max Ventures and Homebrew . Adonis was founded by brothers Aman and Akash Magoon Forbes 30 Under 30 Finance List in 2022. The current funding round follows a $5.6 million seed round late last year.

ICEYE, a SAR satellite manufacturer founded by 30 Under 30 Europe 2018 Technology listers Pekka Laurila and Rafal Modrzewski, announced this week its participation in a program involving Bayanat, a provider of AI-powered geospatial satellites, and Al Yah Satellite, its flagship of the UAE. Communication Company. The program is aimed at building satellite remote sensing and Earth observation capabilities in the UAE. Based in Finland, ICEYE makes sensor technology that illuminates the Earth’s surface and measures the reflected signal to generate very high-resolution images. It can capture images day and night regardless of the weather conditions.

This under-30 Lister has her eyes set on female-specific psychiatric treatments

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