Things to know about Lululemon’s resale program

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of it

Lululemon here at women health. If you’ve been shopping over Presidents’ Day weekend, you know that finding deals on Lululemon gear isn’t impossible, but you do have to do a little digging. (Admittedly, I bookmarked the We’ve Made Too Much section on my computer.)

Enter Lululemon Like New: a section of the Lululemon website where you can buy gently used clothing at a fraction of the original price (we’re talking up to 50% discount!). The items in the Like New section span almost every category, including the brand’s popular leggings or sports bra, and are fairly well stocked with color and size options. The department even has *like new* Align leggings, one of our picks for the best high-waisted leggings, for a cool $45.

Here’s how Lululemon’s Like New program works, from trade-in to resale. And below, we’ve rounded up our top 10 finds in Lululemon Like New to help you get started with sustainable and budget-friendly shopping.

What is Lululemon like new?

Lululemon Like New is the company’s official trade-in and resale program. Similar to other resale stores, Like New encourages shoppers to gently trade in used Lululemon clothing, which the brand revitalizes before re-listing them for sale. Thanks to Lululemon’s superior quality, goods can often look as good as new even though they are years old.

Plus, shopping in the Like New section is actually easier than sifting through trash cans at thrift stores or browsing other resale sites. Your purchase is guaranteed to meet Lululemon’s strict quality standards, and everything comes in new packaging with new tags and tags (another bonus: prices are usually even better than the We Made Too Much section).

And it’s sustainable, because clothes that are worn with care don’t end up in landfills and get back into the hands of shoppers. Lululemon states that 100% of profits from As New sales go towards reducing the retailer’s environmental impact.

How does Lululemon Like New work?

Buyers can trade in used clothing for store credit at any Lululemon store in the US. Trade-in items must meet certain requirements (e.g. no tears or pilling). The brand then revitalizes and refreshes the pieces to “like new” standards before listing the items on the site for resale.

As you shop, you will find that parts fall under the descriptions “as good as new” or “gently used”. “New” means the item has no visible damage or wear. “Used with care” means that there are some minor signs of wear, such as slight discoloration or small holes, but the item still met Lululemon’s standards when returned. Between the two conditions, the prices differ by about $5, with “Gentle Used” being the lower price.

Things to know about Lululemon’s resale program

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