These Kentucky state agencies are hiring. Check out 5 of the highest paying positions

With the possibility of a national debt default looking more and more likely by the day and financial experts advising Americans to prepare accordingly, it may not be a good time to be out of work.

Fortunately, several state agencies in Kentucky are offering stable salaries and great benefits. Currently, the average state worker in Kentucky earns $53,792 annually, according to job site ZipRecruiter.

However, you can earn much more from these open state jobs. Here is a rundown of some of the highest paying state government jobs right now. As of May 26, each is still accepting applications.

Personnel Attorney

Wage: $75,051

Agency: Office of Health and Family Services, Office of the Secretary

Location: Lexington

In this position, you will offer legal advice to agency staff, employees and departments. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, as per the job listing:

  • Preparation of procedural documents, litigation and administrative hearings;

  • Legal research and provision of legal advice to agency staff;

  • Compose correspondence and/or communicate verbally with authorized representatives of members, insurance agents, application assistants and/or other interested and authorized parties regarding findings and/or resolution of member claims;

  • Assist with open records requests.

The listing for this position ends on June 4th.


Wage: $64,329.84 to $75,051.60

Agency: Office of Health and Family Services

Location: Lexington

The Cabinet for Children with Special Health Needs is looking for a speech therapist. Working with this division of the agency, you will see children in their specialized pediatric clinics. Duties will include care coordination, case management, therapies, and collaboration to meet patients’ needs.

A large part of this work is work on the identification, assessment and interpretation of communicative hearing disorders.

As per the job description, duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Act as a member of a multidisciplinary treatment team. Provides diagnostic and case management of audiology services for clinical and non-clinical patients;

  • Perform hearing aids, including evaluations, adjustments, repairs, modifications and routine monitoring. Annual calibration of audiological equipment and monitors with guaranteed repair;

  • Partnering and collaborating with regional birthing hospitals, families and community speech therapists to ensure babies are screened for hearing loss and receive guaranteed follow-up services;

  • Advise patients and families about resources available in the home community. Ease the transition from pediatric to adult care;

  • Planning, organizing, and developing educational programs for families, other professionals, and agency staff;

  • Coordinate the audiometric work of subordinate nonprofessional or professional personnel, including nurses, hospital and school personnel, graduate students, early interventionists, and others.

The listing for this position ends on June 4th.

wildlife biologist

Wage: $46,059.12 to $68,234.40

Agency: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Location: varies

The mission of this open position is conservation, specifically overseeing operations in three separate wildlife management areas throughout western Kentucky.

The responsibilities and duties of the job, as set out in the job description, are as follows:

  • Work with program and regional staff, administration, and agency partners to develop and implement long-term waterfowl management plans for the areas and region;

  • Schedule staff work to develop and maintain wildlife habitat;

  • Secure wintering habitat for waterfowl while overseeing wetland habitat development and operations with associated wetland and upland systems, agricultural operations and associated maintenance;

  • Overseeing area farm contracts, maintaining and coordinating the use and maintenance of various pieces of farm machinery, heavy equipment and trucks, maintenance of area buildings, completing and maintaining area budgets and administrative reports to administration and program staff, wildlife surveys, public consultations, public meetings and management of hunts in public areas;

  • Serve as a regional specialist in waterfowl and wetland management and assist other wildlife management areas in the Green River region as needed.

The listing for this position ends on May 29th.

Clinical Social Sciences

Wage: $63,486

Agency: Office of Justice and Public Security

Location: Bowling Green/Warren County

This is a social service position that requires a high degree of responsibility from the candidate.

Responsibilities listed in the job description include, but are not limited to:

  • Acts as the facility’s treatment coordinator and oversees the child’s treatment;

  • Provides intensive individual, group, and family counseling services for minors served at Department of Juvenile Justice facilities and serves as a technical expert for facility staff, court officials, and community partners;

  • Supervise assigned staff to include timesheet review and approval. Complete and evaluate employee performance. Recommend necessary personal action, including discipline. Develops and implements the hiring process;

  • Analyzes baseline and assessment materials to develop treatment plans and coordinates group counseling sessions and learning experiences;

  • Coordinates with community staff on ongoing treatment efforts for youth discharged from the facility;

  • Provides a mentoring and coaching reinforcement service for new and less experienced counselors.

The post also notes that travel may be required and the selected candidate may be required to contain out-of-control minors.

The listing for this position ends on June 2nd.

Environmental Scientist V

Wage: $4,942 to $5,686 monthly

Agency: Department of Natural Resources

Location: madisonville

This is a federally funded time-limited position, which means that the duration of employment will expire with the grant that funds it.

The environmental scientist will work with the Kentucky Abandoned Mines Division and its branch in the western region, according to the description.

Responsibilities include, as per the listing:

  • Assess environmental sites, assess environmental impacts and train others in this area of ​​work;

  • Assess lost mining sites for environmental impacts and off-site impacts;

  • Investigate citizens’ complaints;

  • Carry out tests of materials and water samples;

  • Review plans, technical details and specifications for technical accuracy;

  • Conduct scientific studies and prepare detailed environmental test reports;

  • Supervise and document remediation projects;

  • Operate drones from unmanned aerial vehicles;

  • Work with minimal supervision.

The listing for this position ends on June 4th.

To view all state government jobs currently advertised in Kentucky, visit the Personnel Office’s website.

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These Kentucky state agencies are hiring. Check out 5 of the highest paying positions

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