The Northforker Wellness Edition is now on newsstands

I vaguely remember wellness magazine 2015, the year I started working at the Times Review Media Group. So it was called 50+. It was a brief, glossy supplement inserted into the media group’s newspapers. Within its pages were stories about how to find friendship and love in a group of seniors in Riverhead, what your diet should look like for those over 50, how seniors get fit, a group of reinvention stories, two questions and answers and a guide to local health resources. In my late 20s, I couldn’t relate to that kind of age-specific wellness. Back then, wellness to me seemed a far cry from fad diets and coordinated sports tops and leggings destined for high-end Pilates studios. But I couldn’t relate to it either.

Over the years, as I continued to develop my career within the media group, 50+ also began to evolve. As of 2020, the supplement is no longer called 50+ and has taken on a new identity as “Wellness”. Over time, the contents inside began to intrigue me, and as I read the pages of the magazine, the stories resonated. From eating rainbows to drinking kombucha, walking local trails and finding calm, recent edits are now bookmarked, stories and recipes are ripped out for protection, and wellness practices gleaned from within have become a daily routine.

Now, some things could have happened here and did: I got older, became a parent, and made wellness a focus. All true. Our brilliant supplement has also aged, changed and taken on new life. True there too. But what also happened is the way people viewed well-being as a whole changed.

Gone are the days when health and wellness was limited to a weekly spin class or an annual checkup from your primary care physician. The food trend is out of fashion and self-care is in. Wellness is now infused into everyday life and lifestyle in general. It’s a daily practice, a ritual, a routine, and what fits into the wellness bucket is varied. Mental health, consistent physical care, alternative exercise, balanced and whole food, acupuncture, essential oils, meditation – everything counts and is important.

Living comfortably as an annual issue of Northforker magazine, Wellness is more than just a passing movement. Our themed magazine discusses the real-life challenges and health-related opportunities of living in the North Fork.

Within the pages of this issue, you’ll find stories about how Peconic Bay Medical Center is expanding women’s health care in the East End, enabling North Forker residents to access excellent care in their own backyards; expert tips from North Fork medical and wellness professionals on how to stay healthy this season; sourcing local produce in the dead of winter; alternative fitness regimens you may not have considered before; and more.

My hope is that these stories make you feel good and inspire healthy, mindful living that becomes part of your daily life.

Take good care of yourselves, everyone.

Michelina da Fontecontent director

The Northforker Wellness Edition is now on newsstands

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