The most important things to consider when planning a hair transplant

The number of people opting for hair transplant continues to rise. In recent years, the number of individuals using the services of trichologists and hair transplant procedures has skyrocketed worldwide. The prevalence of baldness is partly due to the increase in the number of individuals undergoing hair transplant procedures. More and more people are attaching more importance to their health.

Dhi hair transplant requires only a small incision and is virtually painless, making hair loss treatment significantly more accessible. Consider the following information before you decide to have a hair transplant. The following preparatory steps must be taken for a hair transplant:

Check out alternatives related to hair restoration clinics

Choosing the right hair transplant center is often of paramount importance. You need to determine which medical center has the most innovative technologies, treatment methods and patient success rates. These factors will take away your fear of a hair transplant.

The work experience of the doctor

Your surgeon’s level of experience will be the deciding factor in the success of your hair transplant procedure. A surgeon’s level of expertise is a critical component in determining the outcome of a hair transplant procedure. Research the credentials of the prospective hair stylist you want to hire.

Response of patients

This should be clear to everyone. Research multiple examples of the surgeon’s previous work, including hair transplants, before selecting them. Visit hair-related online communities and social media platforms to hear other people’s opinions. On hair forums, you may be able to get candid feedback from other patients and even contact them for more advice.

How much does a hair transplant procedure cost?

It makes no sense to save money on a hair transplant because the procedure is performed once. To get a hair transplant that will last a lifetime, it is essential to study the surgeon’s success rate in previous hair transplants. Before getting a hair transplant, one of the mandatory procedures is to guarantee that no drugs are stored. Most of the clinics in Turkey offer the most affordable hair transplant istanbul and you can choose from options.


Talk to your doctor about stopping any medications before surgery, just in case. You should not take any vitamin supplements during the month before surgery. You should not take any medicines or aspirin in the week before your operation.


Do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes in the week before your surgery. Smoking decreases oxygen levels and blood flow to the scalp, increasing the risk of significant blood loss during surgical procedures. When a person smokes, they destroy the cells of their body. Before undergoing a hair transplant, the drug should be reduced or discontinued.

It would help if you refrained from using specific hair styling products.

It is not recommended to apply oil to your hair. When you apply oil to your hair and scalp, you close the pores, making it easier for dust and allergens to enter the hair and scalp. It is recommended for one’s hygiene to wash their hair routinely. Avoid contact with strong chemicals, such as those used in hair dye.

The most important things to consider when planning a hair transplant

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