The hair supplement Jennifer Aniston swears by — plus, 14 others to shop

15 hair supplements for hair growth.

Does your hair no longer feel as thick and full as it used to be? If so, you are far from alone. Currently, about 40% of women experience hair loss or thinning hair, according to data from hair salon Philip Kingsley. In addition, 73% of them stated that they felt it was due to stress.

Of course you can fake volume and hair growth with an arsenal of shampoos, serums, scalp treatments and extensions. But if you really want to get longer, thicker and healthier hair, you really have to start from the inside out.

A varied, balanced diet is of course the best way to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to support a healthy scalp and hair, but sometimes diets, intolerances and allergies come into play and you may not can eat everything your body needs.

Enter: hair supplements. Here’s everything you need to know about the slot transformation pills and which ones you should buy.

Why should I take hair supplements?

Collagen, vitamin D, zinc and iron are all closely related to helping your hair grow, so not getting enough of these can affect the strength, length and health of your hair.

‘Nutritional deficiencies are a known cause of hair loss and may include insufficient intake of protein, minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins,’ say specialists at the Dermatology Research and Practice.

That’s where the latest hair growth products come into play. Enriched with all the hair vitamins and minerals you need for stronger, healthier hair; these pills, gummies, capsules, and liquids can help put back what you’re probably missing.

Do Hair Supplements Work?

The good news is that, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, taking oral supplements to stimulate hair growth may indeed help women with thinning hair.

They found that significantly more control-treated subjects saw improvements in overall hair volume, scalp coverage, and hair body thickness after 90 days. The number of terminal hairs increased and hair loss decreased in women with self-experienced hair thinning. Additional improvement after 180 days included hair shine, skin moisture retention and skin smoothness.

However, scientists believe that hair supplements can only strengthen your hair if you are deficient in key nutrients in the first place. Your body will not absorb more of a given nutrient than it needs, but the less your body has of a given nutrient, the more easily it will be absorbed. For example, if you are deficient in iron, your body will aggressively absorb that nutrient from your food source or supplement. So it’s important to see your GP or nutritionist if you think you may be deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral and they can check your levels.

Can hair supplements actually improve hair growth?

“Specific supplements have traditionally been used to improve hair growth, as hair loss is a common problem that can be improved with vitamin and mineral supplements,” explains Jessica Sepel, clinical nutritionist and founder of JSHealth Vitamins.

‘They are important for normal cell growth and function and, when deficient, can contribute to hair loss. Alopecia areata is a common form of hair loss that occurs when the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Some research has linked alopecia to low vitamin D levels and an area for possible supplementation.’

How to search for the right hair supplement

Here, Sepel shares three ways to select the right hair supplements for hair growth and health:

  • Look for evidence and research behind the ingredients in the product with proven indications for hair growth.

  • The dose of the ingredients: make sure the research is here.

  • See how the formulations are manufactured and ensure they meet the high global standards and regulations.

Want to try the best hair supplements on the market? Think of this as your ultimate guide to stronger, healthier hair for 2022.

Which hair supplements are best for me?

Best hair supplement: the all-rounder

Nue Co’s beloved supps address scalp health and hair growth in one convenient capsule, providing a daily dose of vitamins, proteins and adaptogens, delivering nutrients to hair follicles to keep everything from your scalp to your ends looking strong. show and feel.

Best hair supplement: For thinning hair

A little thinning hair is normal, but if you start to notice more than usual, you may want to enlist the help of Jen Aktin. More specifically, Ouai’s hair supps, enriched with biotin (for hair strength) and pea shoot extract (which promotes less fallout) for thicker-looking locks in 60 days.

Best Hair Supplement: The Vegan Formula

This hair and energy power duo, the Aussie brand’s best-selling formula, contains iodine and zinc to help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails and support hair growth. “I created a hair growth formula that is rich in minerals in the first place because in private practice as a nutritionist I saw that my clients are often low in essential minerals like iodine and zinc — sometimes even when they’re committed to a healthy diet,” says Sepel.

Best Hair Supplement: The Long-Term Solution

It has been proven to reduce hair loss by 18% and increase hair thickness by 7%. This hair supplement is backed by over 25 years of scientific research. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow are all known for using these and we wouldn’t mind swapping strands with any of them.

Best Hair Supplement: The Industry Trusted Formula

One of the most common causes of hair loss is a lack of iron. That’s why these hair growth tablets contain 100% of your daily iron needs, as well as biotin, which is known to promote hair growth.

Best Hair Supplement: The OG

If you look at any hair supplement, you will notice that one of the most important elements is biotin. So why not go straight to the source? This water-soluble B complex supports cellular energy, which promotes hair growth.

Best Hair Supplement: The Triple Whammy

The most essential vitamins for hair are zinc, biotin and B vitamins, which is exactly what this hair supplement consists of. And not only will it help your hair grow, it will also increase the strength of nails. Bonus.

Best Hair Supplement: The Topical

If you constantly ask yourself, do hair supplements work? Try Minoxidil. It’s not exactly a supplement, but this topical, over-the-counter medication not only restores hair growth, it stops female-pattern hair loss. Massage the foam into your scalp once a day just before going to sleep.

Best Hair Supplement: The Multivitamin

Formulated by nutritionist Sana Khan and packed with a cocktail of hair, skin and nail boosting nutrients including biotin, silica, iron and zinc, these are the ideal supplement for anyone looking to boost their diet.

Best Hair Supplement: The Probiotic

This drinkable bio-fermented probiotic is designed to boost your skin’s natural collagen production, increasing elasticity for a plumper, more radiant complexion. The combination of probiotics plus grape seed extract, zinc, vitamin C and a blend of powerful berries also works to strengthen both your hair and nails!

Best Hair Supplement: For pregnancy or new moms

If you’re experiencing postpartum hair loss but don’t want to take supplements (especially if you’re breastfeeding), this is the solution for you. The 100% natural formula hydrates hormonal strands and enriches the scalp with vitamins, natural collagen and omegas, returning your hair to its prenatal best.

Best hair supplement: for fast results

This powerful punch of biotin, zinc and their heroic AnaGain complex ingredient stimulates cells and follicles to restart growth. While it is still recommended to follow a three month course to see results, many users claim that hair is thicker and longer after just 4 weeks. Fast!

Best Hair Supplement: The Gummies

Pills aren’t for everyone and if you’re someone who struggles to take supplements in the traditional sense, gummies might be the solution for you. These STARPOWA gummies contain biotin, zinc and vitamin C to support healthy hair, skin and nails. They are vegan-friendly and surprisingly delicious too.

Best Hair Supplement: The Collagen-Infused Supplement

If you’re over 35, these are the hair supplements for you. Rich in both collagen and iron, they’ll keep your crowning glory as you approach your forties, helping to keep your mane strong and brimming with health.

Best Hair Supplement: The Everyday Multivit

If you’re not sure if you really need or want a hair supplement, but rather want a good all-rounder that will benefit your hair (and everything else), check out Beauty Pie. The brand’s new range of supplements offers great, highly effective nutrients in capsule form. These vegan multivitamins contain all the goodness of B vitamins, vitamin C plus bioflavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin E, plus copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, selenium and zinc – so you can expect healthy skin, hair and nails in only a few weeks.

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The hair supplement Jennifer Aniston swears by — plus, 14 others to shop

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