The 3 Surprising Reasons Your Butt Is Itchy—and When You Should See a Doctor

EXPERIENCING persistent itching anywhere on your body is never a good thingIt is.

But when that itchy feeling arises around your butt, it can be even more distressing, anxiety-inducing, and even humiliating.


There are many reasons why you might have an itch down there.Credit: Getty

Itching – wherever it appears – is a symptom, not a condition.

So it’s important that you try to identify the cause, if it’s something serious.

GP Dr. Sarah Garsed said that having an itchy butt is more common than you might think.

“While many people don’t speak openly about this symptom—usually out of fear of embarrassment—having an itchy butt is very common and can be a sign of something as simple as what you ate the night before, or as complicated as an infection,” she told The Sun.

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You should never feel embarrassed about mentioning these symptoms to your GP, she explained.

“Trust me, we’ve heard this before and the good news is we can help you quickly and effectively treat the annoying symptom before it gets worse,” she added.

Are you feeling an itchy butt and not sure if you need to visit your GP?

Here, Dr. Garsed outlines some surprising reasons for an itchy butt and when to be concerned.

1. Stress and anxiety

Prolonged periods of stress and anxiety can affect the body in many ways and cause inflammation.

This can irritate the intestines and buttocks, causing itching.

If you’re stressed, try methods to reduce your anxiety levels, such as exercise, sleep, meditation, and controlled breathing.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes blood sugar (glucose) to become too high.

It is dubbed the silent killer, due to the fact that many people are unaware that they are at risk for type 2, and complications include stroke, heart attack, and heart failure.

There are two main types of diabetes:

Type 1 – Where the pancreas does not produce insulin. Sufferers are usually born with it.

Type 2 – Where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the cells in the body do not react to insulin. Sufferers often develop this later in life.

Diabetes and the poor circulation that often accompanies it can lead to excessive itching and irritation, and this can usually be felt in the butt.

3. Diet

Many foods can irritate your butt and make any itchiness worse.

Spicy foods, citrus fruits, and dairy can cause anal itching.

Drinks that dehydrate you and upset your gut, including coffee, alcohol and sodas, can cause an itchy butt.

If you have a diet that includes a lot of them, it’s best to remove them one by one every few days to help determine what might be causing your itchiness.

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Other causes of itchy butt you need to know

The NHS says there are some other causes of itchy butt you need to know about:

  • worms
  • stacks
  • diarrhea
  • incontinence
  • ringworm
  • STDs (such as genital warts)
  • skin conditions like eczema
  • side effects of steroid creams

The official guidance states: “It is unusual for an itchy bottom to be related to something more serious.

“But rarely, it can be a sign of something like anal or bowel cancer, so it’s important to have it seen by a GP.”

Source: NHS

When to seek medical help

If you’ve waited a few days for your symptoms to pass, but you still feel itchy, it’s worth visiting your doctor.

This is especially the case if you experience itching along with bleeding, experience extreme pain, or feel that the itchiness is seriously affecting your daily life, the expert said.

The 3 Surprising Reasons Your Butt Is Itchy—and When You Should See a Doctor

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