Tekson Metal Skin-Care Spoons are a Derm’s Go-To

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You’re almost at the end of your favorite face cream and you’re eager to open the new jar that’s waiting for you. But there’s still a little bit of product hanging in the jar that your fingers can’t reach. When this happens to Lindsey Zubritsky, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Pittsburgh, she reaches for a trusty little tool: skin care spoons.

“Skin care spoons are a great way to save money because the spoons help you get every last drop out of your product by spooning it on,” says Dr. Zubritsky. “You can get even more uses out of a skincare jar by using a skincare spoon, which adds up over time.”

You can also use these spoons to keep your fingers out of the mix when your jar is full. “It’s much more hygienic to use compared to using your fingers to remove a product,” she says. “The skin care spoon helps remove bacteria, dirt and debris from our hands that end up in our skin care products.” Be sure to clean the spoon every day after your routine with mild soap and water to keep it clean.

Use skin care spoons with everything that comes in a jar – from a moisturizer to a cleansing balm to a face mask. Dr. Zubritsky recommends the Tekson Metal Skin-Care Spoons ($7). This set of six comes with two silver spoons, two gold and two rose gold spoons. This way you have one to use with different products and have a few extras if you know you won’t be cleaning your spoon daily. In addition, these spoons have a small hole at the end of the handle so you can hang them up to dry and/or store them if you wish.

While a skincare spoon may feel like a “nice to have” rather than a must-have, this $7 investment will pay off big time over time as saving a product will pay off in the end.

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Our editors select these products independently. If you make a purchase through our links, Well+Good may earn a commission.

Tekson Metal Skin-Care Spoons are a Derm’s Go-To

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