Weighted blankets can lead to more melatonin, the sleeping horn

Comment on this story Remark The weighted blanket has grown in popularity in recent years, with manufacturers and users touting its benefits, including help with sleep and anxiety issues. A recent study suggests a mechanism that could explain why weighted blankets seem to help some people sleep better. Using a weighted blanket may increase the […]

The weighted blanket for anxiety and depression

In moments of extreme anxiety or sadness, how do you take care of yourself? I find it helpful to move my body; I stretch out and listen to some of my favorite music. Other times, when my mind is racing, I watch a comforting TV show. And still other times, the best medicine is a […]

Amazon’s best-selling weighted blanket is 50% off

If racing thoughts and excessive worrying have been keeping you up at night, you’re far from alone. According to the Sleep Foundation, anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions in America and is often linked to sleep problems, which can have serious and long-lasting health effects on the body. But if you’re […]

Weighted blankets can help release melatonin and promote sleep

Share on PinterestWeighted blankets may have a measurable effect on sleep, according to a new study. Jimena Roquero/Stocksy Industry experts expect weighted blanket sales to reach $1.17 billion by 2026. Research into the effects of weighted blankets, researchers at Uppsala University found that they help naturally increase melatonin production in the body by about 30%. […]

7 weighted stuffed animals that adults and children can use

Chances are you’ve heard about the potential benefits of using a weighted blanket. For example, research has found that taking it can help reduce both anxiety and insomnia. Looking for something lighter, more portable and, let’s face it, cuter? Weighted hugs are the answer. Less cumbersome than weighted blankets, weighted plush toys offer similar calming […]

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