Thoughtful ways to teach your family about nutrition

As a parent, you want the best for your children – their happiness and health is your number one priority. You know that your family needs a good balance of food groups such as healthy fats, protein, fruits, vegetables and grains to give you energy, improve brain function, build muscle, boost immunity and so on. […]

Two Ways Pharmacists Can Play a Role in Fighting the Spread of STIs

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise in the United States and have a significant impact on health and the economy, but pharmacists can help fight the spread while working with affected patients. Despite the amusing title of the session, there wasn’t much to laugh about during a session called “What Happens in Vegas, […]

5 ways to support teens with mental health issues

Teen mental health has a direct impact on all other areas of their lives. Adolescence, also known as the “teenage years,” is a period of amazing transformation. They begin to have a strong desire for independence as they transition into young adults, shifting their focus from being focused on education, playing, and gaining the approval […]

Purdue Global and Ivy Tech continue to collaborate and explore ways to prepare the workforce for tomorrow’s economy

INDIANAPOLIS — For Frank Dooley and Sue Ellspermann, the fact that 1.9 million employed Hoosiers lack some type of degree or college degree is no cause for despair. Instead, they see many opportunities to help increase the mobility, skills, and financial status of workers throughout Indiana through education. More than 100 leaders from Purdue Global, […]

Two ways healthcare systems are moving toward greater cancer stewardship

The increasing complexity and costs of cancer care and the resulting financial toxicity to the patient are prompting more health systems to adopt principles of cancer management into their pharmacy practices, according to a session at the Midyear Clinical Meeting & Expo. the 2022 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Most healthcare professionals are familiar […]

Five ways to get rid of back pain

MAYBE IT started when you were deadlifting. Maybe it started with a bad blow you got while playing football years ago. Unfortunately, you think, it could just be a symptom of aging. Whatever the reason, your back hurts, and now it’s affecting your workouts, your daily movements, and your quality of life. At least you’re […]

7 ways to help banish dandruff – according to an expert

We are Seeing a little bit of dandruff on your shoulders can aggravate even the mildest of us. Maybe yours comes and goes without bothering you too much, but for those who do (one in five people will experience it), scalp condition can only cause annoyance and discomfort. “Dandruff is an itchy, scaly condition that […]

4 effective ways to enhance your cat’s nutrition with ORIJEN

Feeding your cat is not easy. As unique creatures with their own quirks, preferences (often vocal) and specific biological requirements, it’s important to do your research and find a high-quality food that suits their needs. Many owners are beginning to understand the importance of fresh, raw ingredients in cat nutrition; Partly as a reflection of […]

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