Naomi Watts, 54, goes natural in glowing, makeup-free IG video

Naomi Watts just shared a no makeup video highlighting her epically glowing skin and natural beauty. The 54-year-old actress recently launched a wellness brand called stripesthat focuses on helping women with menopausal symptoms. Naomi also shared her favorite products in her morning and afternoon skincare routines that keep her feeling fresh and hydrated 24/7. Menopause […]

Tallahassee heart rhythm disorders expert talks Watt’s diagnosis

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — At a press conference after beating the Carolina Panthers 26-16 on Sunday, Arizona Cardinals star defensive end JJ Watt emotionally discussed the impending birth of his son and his diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. Watt, 33, was diagnosed with the rhythm disorder on Wednesday and had his heart “returned to rhythm” on […]

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