You are wasting your money on these skin care products

Miracle creams that “defy aging”; serums that “lift and firm,” masks that “blitz crow’s feet”—according to a recent survey, the average American woman spends about $3,756 a year on beauty products. But dermatologist Dr. Fayne L. Frey says most of these bold claims are bogus — and all you really need for healthy skin are […]

Strengthening Emergency Nutrition and Agricultural Responses Resilience to Prevent Child Wasting – FAO Action Plan to Prevent Child Wasting (2023-2024) – World

attachments an introduction The continuing effects of stopping the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the rising prices of food, feed, fertilizer and fuel, are deepening poverty and exacerbating food insecurity and malnutrition for millions of people. The 15 most affected countries host 27 million children who are severely food insecure and at risk […]

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