This is how big the risk of tick infection is

In 2021, 64 TBEV cases were reported in Norway. The disease can cause inflammation in the brain and, in rare cases, can have very serious consequences. The number of TBEV cases in 2021 more than doubled compared to three years ago, and the number of Norwegians vaccinated against TBEV also doubled during that time. But […]

Krept of Krept and Konan launch skincare for children – Music News

Krept of Krept and Konan fame releases a skin care line for children. The 32-year-old rapper – whose real name is Casyo Johnson – has teamed up with co-parent, maternal trepreneur and influencer Sasha Ellese Gilbert to create the line named after their daughter, Nala, and inspired by her struggle with eczema. Nala’s Baby came […]

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