Take These 7 Vitamins If You Want Longer, Thicker Hair

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. However, if you are losing more hair on a regular basis, other factors may be the cause. Hair loss can result from genetic issues, medical conditions, stress, and vitamin deficiencies. Diet plays a crucial role […]

What is hair dusting? The new secret to thicker hair

Anyone looking for healthy hair knows it’s hard to grow it out or even maintain its length without the underside becoming stringy or chapped, but a dusting of the hair can change that. I discovered the technique through top hairdresser Hollie Rose Clarke, who – being a wimp with my cuts – introduced me to […]

3 Tips for Thicker, Longer Hair Over 40, According to Experts

Do you find it increasingly difficult to maintain the health of your hair, especially as you get older? You’re not alone – far from it. Hair undergoes various changes during a person’s life. And one of the most common physical effects of the aging process is hair loss. Whether you’re dealing with shedding, thinning hair, […]

U-shaped haircut: how to make your hair look thicker?

If you’re impatient (we get it), scroll down to see exactly what the U-shaped haircut looks like, otherwise we’ll start at the beginning… All my life I’ve wanted two things: to make my parents proud and to have thicker hair (not necessarily in that order). Now, with a degree, the job of my dreams and […]

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