Immunotherapy and targeted therapy for lung cancer: what is it?

There is good news for lung cancer patients, as great strides have been made in lung cancer treatment and research, especially with targeted immunotherapies. In recent years, lung cancer has been one of the most common cancers diagnosed in both men and women. It is also known as one of the deadliest types of cancer […]

How trauma therapy can help victims of online harassment

“I felt a bit hanging by a thread,” said RJ Aguiar, a 33-year-old video producer and content creator from Los Angeles. He described the psychological symptoms he experienced after becoming the target of online harassment – a growing problem in the United States, with 4 in 10 Americans reporting experiencing it, according to a 2021 […]

The Impact of Tailored Meals and Nutritional Therapy on Biometric and Dietary Outcomes Among Food Insecure Congestive Heart Failure Patients: A Paired Cohort Study | BMC Nutrition

Intervention Grady Memorial Hospital has partnered with Open Hand Atlanta, a social service organization that offers prepared meal delivery programs and nutrition education for Atlanta citizens with diet-related illnesses. From May 2019 to July 2020, Open Hand prepared, packaged, and home-delivered MTM, defined as meals prepared by an RDN that reflect evidence-based dietary guidelines for […]

Making psychedelic therapy accessible to underprivileged communities | Bostonia

Deidra Somerville (SSW’95) tackles inequality at the limits of therapy As the new director of the nonprofit Sage Institute in Oakland, California, Deidra Somerville (SSW’95) works to provide psychedelic therapy to underserved communities that have struggled to access or pay for it. Photo courtesy of Sylvia Gonzalez Photography Mental health Deidra Somerville (SSW’95) tackles inequality […]

Illuminate your mind with light therapy

In today’s high-octane world, where we are committing to a rut that is moving faster than we ever could, and especially after a harrowing two-year global pandemic, therapy of all forms is a ubiquitous requirement and when it comes to therapy arrives, finding the right size is paramount. From sound therapy to immersion therapy and […]

Fall is the season to build mindfulness and resilience…

Like it or not, fall is here. Soon the weather will get colder, the leaves will die and the nights will be longer than the days. Outdoor pools are closed and the holidays are approaching. Another year dies; that’s just how it goes.add an adAt least, that’s what autumn is often called – as a […]

Many patients with advanced NSCLC do not survive beyond first-line therapy

Many patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) do not survive long enough to receive second-line therapy, according to a real-world study published in Cancer Treatment and Research Communications. Of the approximately 500 patients evaluated in this study, 60% received only first-line therapy and 42% of these patients did not proceed to second-line therapy […]

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