Unhealthy Gums Can Increase Your Chances of Dementia

Gum disease has far-reaching consequences and may increase your chances of developing dementia, a new study suggests. In a review of 47 previously published studies, researchers in Finland found that tooth loss, deep pockets around the teeth in the gums, or bone loss in the dental sockets were associated with a 21 percent higher risk […]

Using Meditation in Pediatrics

A neuroscientist explains how meditation can help treat children suffering from trauma, difficult diagnoses or other stressors Kids who actively meditate experience less activity in parts of the brain involved in rumination, mind wandering and depression, our team found in the first brain imaging study of people under the age of 18. Overactivity in this […]

Company-Sponsored Chattanooga Pride Parade Shows Kids Fetishes

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee – Hundreds of people gathered with their children to cheer on parade performers in drag and outfits suggesting sexual fetishes as they tossed candy and twirled across the street and across the stage during the 2022 Chattanooga Pride Parade. “We were able to adjust the schedules for today and get people here,” said […]

Moderate intake of 5 foods for healthy hair growth

Hair health is closely related to a balanced diet, according to TCM practice. As we approach the Mid-Autumn Festival, let’s take a look at the advice of a TCM doctor who says we should be careful not to consume excessive amounts of five foods if we want to maintain healthy hair. At the same time, […]

How chemically sensitive are you?

A new theory of disease process caused by pesticides and other toxic chemicals may explain multisystem symptoms for which no disease cause has been found. Many in the medical community have identified widespread exposure to pesticides and other chemicals as a real health threat, with serious debilitating health effects. A questionnaire is now being used […]

Large-scale study shows ground coffee is linked to longer life

While exercising, getting enough sleep and limiting alcohol consumption are good ways to extend life, experts have found that you can also drink yourself long with the help of coffee. Research published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, Sept. 27, found that in 450,000 adults with an average age of 58 over a 13-year […]

It only takes 1 month to cure heart problems? A Harvard study confirms the existence of pericardium meridian

Stimulating acupuncture points can improve or cure diseases. In the West, acupuncture and acupressure are gradually gaining popularity. However, do meridians really exist in the human body? The scientific community hasn’t had an answer for a long time. However, a study published by Harvard Medical School confirmed the existence of the “pericardium meridian,” one of […]

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