How does Ro make money?

Revenue comes from selling software to doctors and filling prescriptions on Ro Pharmacy Network Healthcare is said to be changing slowly due to the sheer size of the space, accounting for nearly 18% of GDP, not to mention how important it is to so many people. Still, some real, fundamental changes have taken place in […]

Abortion care startup touts telehealth merits after Roe v. wade

HeyJane founder Kiki Freedman launched a virtual abortion care startup in early 2021 after the last abortion clinic in Missouri, where she attended college, nearly closed. After the June Supreme Court decision to overturn the constitutional right to abortion under Roe v. wade, she is focused on raising awareness of abortion pills and fighting the […]

Reimbursement rules drive telehealth innovations

As the pandemic becomes rampant, telehealth is also evolving, as providers address the limitations of video visits by adding connected digital devices and emphasizing remote patient monitoring (RPM) and the emerging field of digital therapy, focusing on remote intervention. These are the next steps needed to make the rise of telemedicine a permanent reality given […]

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