Guided Imagery: Techniques, Benefits, and More

Guided imagery is a relaxation technique that involves dwelling on a positive mental image or scene. It is a tool that psychotherapists use, but a person can also teach themselves and use it at any time. This technique is sometimes called visualization or guided meditation. There are many benefits to using guided imagery, such as […]

3 benefits, useful techniques, resources

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental illness in which a person has repetitive and excessive thoughts that are intrusive, unpleasant, and usually irrational. People with OCD may engage in repetitive behaviors, such as washing hands, counting, or checking doors to manage the anxiety caused by these thoughts. Standard therapy for OCD includes cognitive behavioral […]

Practice these grounding techniques to deal with anxiety

It’s not easy to wake up every day with that sinking feeling in your stomach. People who suffer from anxiety run a marathon every minute with their minds. People tend to juggle irrational, obsessive thoughts that feel creepy. Once you’re stuck, it feels hard to get out of those vicious circles of thoughts. But there […]

Benefits of Insomnia Meditation: Techniques and Tricks

An estimated 30% of American adults suffer from insomnia, the most common form of sleep disorder, and 10% of people have chronic insomnia that lasts more than six months. Sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on functioning, mood, health, and overall quality of life, making it important to treat insomnia. Meditation is a relaxation […]

How can we use AI to preserve privacy in biomedicine?

IntroductionAI and privacyPrivacy-preserving AI techniquesReferencesFurther reading Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a burgeoning and innovative field that is set to change every industry at its core. AI uses available data to learn how to solve tasks; it far surpasses the human brain in terms of efficiency and accuracy. AI has shown great promise through its successful […]

Get smarter with these three yoga techniques

Yoga is a powerful ancient system of self-development that works on both mind and body. Yoga’s body-oriented poses, called asanas, aim to affect our mind in specific ways to help us relax, improve concentration and focus, and improve cognitive performance. Therefore, a complete, effective and holistic yoga practice includes asana, pranayama and meditation. Here are […]

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