How meditation stimulates creativity in musicians

Looking for the creative spark… try meditation Photo by meo: Staying relevant in music requires creativity Your ability to fulfill your dreams of a successful music career depends on creativity. Thinking outside the box can help you in the studio, and creative problem solving goes a long way in running the business. So how can […]

Thoughts on oral care from the CEO of Humble Co North America

CEO of oral care brand Humble Co North America Rich Hewton, the category is uniquely positioned because oral cavity health is closely linked to one’s overall health, except that it is cosmetically important in the US. Internationally based out of Sweden, Humble Co was founded by dentist Noel Abdayem after he volunteered to provide his […]

Innovation for sustainable nutrition and diet flexibility

Food production accounts for about 37% of total greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, food is a sharp end to climate change. As this year’s devastating weather events have shown, global warming is already affecting the resilience of the food system, driving up food prices and reducing availability. Something needs to change. And this […]

DSM Acquires Brazilian Animal Nutrition Technology Company

DSM said precision agriculture is growing rapidly, driven by a growing demand for sustainability, efficiency, traceability and animal welfare in diets under pressure to supply a growing global population with animal protein. Dutch company animal nutrition and health company Precision Feeding solutions include Verax, an integrated animal management system that leverages data to provide a […]

Herbalife Nutrition Expands Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Economic Empowerment through Plastic Bank Partnership

AngelsAnd the June 2, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Celebrating World Oceans Day on 8 June 2022Herbalife Nutrition, the leading global nutrition company, today announced a two-year global responsibility partnership with plastic bank, a social enterprise that enables Ocean Stewards around the world to stop ocean plastic. Through this partnership, Herbalife Nutrition aims to prevent […]

Iceland fashion and beauty sustainability in the spotlight

Carbfix, an Elon Musk X Prize finalist, is currently piloting in Italy, Portugal, Turkey and the US, with a new site being set up to mineralize half of Iceland’s emissions by 2030. The company is testing whether seawater can be used instead of fresh water. water, meaning plants can go offshore, taking advantage of the […]

The merger of Firmenich and DSM creates an “unparalleled” pioneer in nutrition, beauty and well-being

The expanded entity, called DSM-Firmenich, is a ‘truly level-playing merger’ that will bring together two companies that put science at the heart of their businesses, drive purpose and share ‘common values’, DSM co-CEO Dimitri De Vreeze said during a conference call to discuss plan this morning. “This merger aims to bring two distinct companies together […]

Strive Nutrition takes advantage of Perfect Day animal-free whey for a “sustainable” milkshake.

Strive Nutrition said the product promises “the real taste and nutrition” of cow’s milk, without the so-called “health and environmental downsides” of conventional dairy products. The flagship product will be Strive FREEMILK Whole, an animal-free milk alternative that whips, whips, and cooks like the real thing. Leveraging Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, Strive has created […]

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