News reports from the Ministry of Health

Department of Health Launches “Sweet Lies!” campaign Posted on 23 Jan. 2023 in Newsroom HONOLULU – The Hawai’i Department of Health (DOH) recently launched a new public announcement campaign focusing on the beverage industry’s marketing of sweetened fruit drinks for keiki. Images of fruits and words like juice, naturallyand 100% Vitamin C misleading parents into […]

Ministry provides help to RSUDs, RSUPs to treat catastrophic illnesses

So far, 96.2% of the assistance allocated to the 150 RSUDs has been disbursed. Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Health has disbursed financial assistance to 150 Regional General Hospitals (RSUD) and 25 Central General Hospitals (RSUP) to improve services for treating catastrophic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, kidney damage and cancer. Financial aid […]

Ministry of Health | Mother and child health

The exact causes are unknown. Here are some contributing factors: Changes in hormone levels A difficult pregnancy A difficult birth Medical problems (mother or baby) Lack of sleep Feel lonely Experienced loss of freedom Sudden changes in routines Personal or family history of depression Previous experience with PPD or other perinatal mood disorders Life stressors […]

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