States That Protect Abortion Access Have Higher Minimum Wages, Lower Incarceration Rates ⋆ Michigan Advance

A new study shows that there are direct correlations between a state’s economy and whether residents have access to abortion. And Michigan, on average, fares better than states that have abortion bans. The Washington, DC-based Economic Policy Institute studypublished Wednesday, found that “the states enacting abortion bans are the same ones economically discouraging workers through […]

New insights into minimum daily intake of legumes (Fabaceae sp.) in Malaysia | BMC nutrition

Study design and population PURE is a large-scale international study of the incidence, mortality, and risk factors associated with noncommunicable diseases among individuals in urban and rural communities in 21 countries, including Malaysia. Coordinated by the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, data collection for the study began in 2007 and follow-up […]

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