Mindfulness can strengthen your relationship, according to a new study

Making time for self-care as an individual is super important for your personal growth, but it can often feel difficult to balance when you’re emotionally and physically involved with another person. Fortunately, new research has emerged to help provide insight into how actively paying attention and nurturing healthy patterns of mindfulness can help you and […]

Mindfulness training may improve outcomes for people with Parkinson’s disease

Mindfulness training integrated into motor rehabilitation protocols for Parkinson’s disease (PD) may help increase resilience and reduce psycho-cognitive morbidity in patients with mild to moderate PD, finds a study conducted during a tumultuous time in Hong Kong. The study, published in npj Parkinson’s diseasecompared the impact of a modified mindfulness meditation program with stretching and […]

Mindfulness meditation for anxiety

Mindfulness meditation is the process of purposefully and non-judgmentally observing thoughts, feelings, and sensations to distance yourself from negative or overwhelming anxiety. It revolves around the concepts of awareness and acceptance, and research shows it has benefits for anxiety, pain management, and other conditions. Anxiety can lead to racing thoughts that interrupt focus and concentration. […]

ADHD, Mindfulness, and Meditation: Benefits and Tips

Treatment for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) usually involves a combination of behavioral therapy and medication. However, meditation and mindfulness are emerging as potential beneficial therapies. According to children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, 11% of school-age children have ADHD. The organization also states that more than three-quarters of these individuals […]

4 steps to use mindfulness in the fight against burnout

(Photo: Shutterstock) Has your job ever left you feeling so exhausted that you have nothing left to give? If so, you may be suffering from workplace burnout and chances are your employees are experiencing similar feelings. In fact, two-thirds of full-time workers say they’ve experienced burnout at some point in their careers, and that number […]

Unlocking the Science of Mindfulness: TRIPP features Equa Health in a VR series of clinically validated meditations

TRIPP, the award-winning global XR wellness company, today announced an investment in Equa Health, the company working to improve mental health outcomes through a clinically validated approach to mindfulness training. Developed over 15 years with research from Carnegie Mellon University, Equa Health’s digitally integrated program helps users build mental resilience and mindfulness skills that can […]

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