State of mind health report

Increasing public awareness and engagement with chronic or non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is vitally important if countries are to reduce pressure on health systems today and in the future. This is especially true in the context of an aging global population: as people live longer with chronic diseases, the burden of NCDs will increase significantly. The […]

Swimming Improves Mental Health | How swimming eases the mind

09/23/2019Staying active is important for your physical health, but having good mental health is also a good reason to be active. Swimming can have significant benefits for your mental health. What is mental health? Just as we have physical health, we all have mental health too. The mind defines good mental health as being generally […]

Do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when taking care of oily skin

ALL SKIN types produce sebum. The sebaceous glands in our skin produce sebum, an oily or waxy substance that moisturizes and protects the skin. Oily skin and acne are challenging to treat. There are plenty of other reasons for oily skin, including stress, humidity, genetics, and fluctuating hormones. The American Academy of Dermatology Association has […]

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