Despite losing “$4 million” to bodybuilding in 2020, millionaire Arnold Schwarzenegger had zero regrets: “Athletes needed that prize money more than I did”

The past three years have been extremely difficult for people around the world. The world revolved around helping those in need. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jake Wood were two such financially strong helping hands that kept the sport of bodybuilding up and running when the bodybuilders needed them most. A professional athlete manager named Matt revealed […]

“Not Everyone Is A Millionaire”: Bodybuilding World Disagrees With Jay Cutler’s $150 A Week Nutrition Option

Since retiring from professional bodybuilding competitions, Jay Cutler has focused on his business ventures. Cutler also influences and motivates his followers to work towards a healthy lifestyle. He asked his fan not to push the goal further and shared a message encouraging his fans. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad However, something about that post […]

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