Why are more female millennials getting lung cancer?

New studies show that more young women between the ages of 30 and 49 are being diagnosed with lung cancer. Historically, lung cancer diagnosis rates for men have been significantly higher than rates for women, but we’re starting to see that change. Over the last 42 years, men have seen a 36% reduction in new […]

Millennials have higher stroke death rates than previous generations

Share on PinterestA recent Rutgers analysis shows that stroke death rates will rise among millennials as they age, reversing a 40-year decline. Westend61/Getty Images Recent analysis shows stroke deaths will rise among millennials, reversing a 40-year decline. The researchers suggest that the rise in stroke-related deaths could be attributed to obesity and diabetes. Some experts […]

Why are millennials afraid of turning 30?

Many young professionals will find the latter half of their late twenties plagued by the looming dread of entering their third decade. A 2022 UK survey by the charity Relate found that 77% of millennials (25-39 years) – and 83% of Gen Z-ers (16-24 years) feel pressure to reach certain ‘milestones’ in life . People, […]

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