Bills for licensed midwives in Mississippi are likely to die

Advocates say the pending midwifery legislation could help alleviate Mississippi’s lack of maternal health care and protect mothers and babies from those who practice without proper training. But Senate Bill 2793 and House Bill 1081 will likely die without a committee vote this session, as legislative leaders say they need more time to study the […]

Impact of cannabis legalization on prenatal marijuana use

All but 4 states in the US have legalized some form of cannabis use, and 19 states have fully legalized it for recreational use by adults.1 While providers and national organizations advise against prenatal cannabis use, the frequency and rate of cannabis use by pregnant women continues to increase in the US. Most pregnant women […]

Life as a nurse and midwife on remote Great Barrier Island

Adele Robertson has been helping women give birth in Aotea Great Barrier Island since 1994. Photo: Shepherdess / Michelle Marshall Characteristic – Midwife and rural nurse Adele Robertson, 70, has spent most of her working life enabling women in the isolated communities of Aotea Great Barrier Island to have their babies at home. But as […]

Bodybuilder Midwife Who Had “Difficulty Losing Weight” After Her Second Birth Is Regaining Her Lost Strength Through Bodybuilding

Strong people don’t give up and keep fighting until they overcome adversity. This is exactly what bodybuilding pro Jessica Anderson did. As she took on the challenge of balancing her nursing career and trying to lose weight, Anderson didn’t stop. In this difficult time, she found a solution in bodybuilding and participated in bodybuilding competitions. […]

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