What’s Next for Zebrafish Microscopy in 2023

In this interview, NewsMedical talks to Dr. Jason Otterstrom on the benefits and challenges of using zebrafish as an emerging model for life science research. They discuss how new automated methods for analyzing microscopy images of zebrafish samples are enabling new insights. In particular, they focus on an automated, AI-powered analysis software, Athena. This innovation […]

The first ever computer reconstruction replicates the exact chemical and 3D structure of a ‘living’ virus

An Aston University researcher has created the first ever computer reconstruction of a virus, including its complete native genome. Although other researchers have created similar reconstructions, this is the first to replicate the exact chemical and 3D structure of a ‘living’ virus. The breakthrough could lead to research into an alternative to antibiotics, reducing the […]

Bacteria play specific roles in cancer

In a recent article published in the journal Immunitythe authors discussed findings from a 2022 study by Galeano Niño et al., which reported that microbiota associated with tumors form microniches and play a role in epithelial and immune mediation of cancer. Study: Putting bacteria on the cancer map. Image credit: Volodimir Zozulinskyi / Shutterstock Background […]

Innovations in expansion microscopy allow an unprecedented view of the interior of cells

Unprecedented views of the interior of cells and other nanoscale structures are now possible thanks to innovations in expansion microscopy. Advances can help provide future insights into neuroscience, pathology, and many other biological and medical fields. In the paper “Magnify is a universal molecular docking strategy for expansion microscopy,” published Jan. 2 in the journal […]

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