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Growth drivers for 2023 from functional food to sustainability to convenience

Yes, many shoppers will continue to avoid certain ingredients and foods, but according to Matt Schuyler, director of insights and analytics at Ardent Mills, an emerging school of thought among consumers rather than “eating to be healthy” (which includes avoiding sugar, limiting carbs and cutting sodium) they are. “Eat for Health” (which includes looking for […]

Study: Plant-based drinks are ‘not true substitutes’ for dairy milk

The study, conducted by Swiss researchers and nutritionists, analyzed the nutrient profiles of 27 samples of plant-based drinks and compared two from cow’s milk. Thirteen plant-based drinks, of which 13 were fortified, were collected from two main supermarkets in Bern and included soy, almond, cashew, coconut, hemp, oat, rice and spelled. To compare nutrient and […]

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