New MRI method provides detailed picture of the placenta during pregnancy

Media advice Wednesday, February 1, 2023 NIH-funded technique enables automatic detection of placental compartments, oxygen status and structural abnormalities. What Researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have developed a new method to process MRI scans to reveal the different compartments of the placenta, take measurements of oxygen levels in each region, and determine […]

Pediatric Project ECHO® for Pain: Implementation and Mixed Method Evaluation of a Virtual Medical Education Program to Support Interprofessional Pain Management in Children and Adolescents | BMC Medical Education

Noel M, Groenewald CB, Beals-Erickson SE, Gebert JT, Palermo TM. Chronic pain in adolescence and internalizing mental disorders: a nationally representative study. Pain. 2016;157(6):1333. Article Google Scholar Palermo TM, Law E, Churchill SS, Walker A. Longitudinal course and impact of insomnia symptoms in adolescents with and without chronic pain. J pain. 2012;13(11):1099-106. Epub Sept […]

Teach-back method effective in improving postpartum mother-infant health

1. In a cohort of maternity mothers with limited maternal health skills, the teach-back teaching method was associated with increased health literacy 2. Improved maternal health literacy was associated with higher uptake of postpartum checkups and vaccinations and improved outcomes related to mastitis, constipation, weight, and uterine and diaper dermatitis Evidence assessment level: 1 (very […]

Gyrotonic Method: What Is It And Should You Try It?

With Gyrotonics, you follow a fluid sequence of exercises that moves from one exercise to the next. Image credit: Rossella De Berti/E+/GettyImages Described by its founder as “yoga for dancers,” the Gyrotonic method is an exercise technique that may look intimidating, but is touted to give great results – even if you’re not a dancer. […]

How to do the maximum hydration method on curly hair

The maximum hydration method is for anyone who wants to take the best care of their hair and make sure that the strands get the moisture they need to be healthy. This maximum hydration method ensures that the maximum possible moisture is given to the strands that last for almost seven days. Therefore, it is […]

How to do the heart rate method in 6 steps

The desire to manifest our wildest dreams and control the trajectory of our lives has led to a number of reality-altering methods. Shifting realities is the process of moving your consciousness from one state to another through visualization, affirmations and/or scripts. This helps to bring you into the reality you imagine. While there are plenty […]

The threshold control method may assist future non-pharmaceutical intervention mitigation policies

Governments around the world used a variety of techniques known as non-pharmaceutical interventions, or NPIs, to control the spread of COVID-19. These NPIs include mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, school and business closures, and travel restrictions. The use of NPIs also slowed the spread of other infectious diseases, such as influenza and respiratory syncytial virus, […]

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