Metformin can reduce the risk of joint replacement

Share on PinterestOne study found that metformin can significantly lower the risk of joint replacement in people with type 2 diabetes. Sara Hylton/Bloomberg via Getty Images Osteoarthritis is a common, chronic condition that causes pain and disability in older adults. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a known risk factor for osteoarthritis, regardless of body mass […]

A case of relapsing HR+ metastatic breast cancer

Transcription: Jules Cohen, MD: Let’s go to clinical scenario #2. In December 2010, a 64-year-old woman with ER [estrogen receptor]–positive, PR [progesterone receptor]–negative, HER2 [human epidermal growth factor receptor 2]–negative invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast received adjuvant anastrozole [Arimidex], presumably after all surgical and other appropriate therapies. Seventeen months later, she presents with […]

Metformin in treatment-resistant bipolar depression

RESEARCH UPDATE Treatment-resistant bipolar depression (TRBD) is defined by non-remission after 2 8-week trials of recommended medications, including combination therapy, at therapeutic doses, and associated with increased psychiatric hospitalizations and disability, and poorer quality of life.1 The prevalence of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance in patients with bipolar disorder is about 22% and 32%, […]

Metformin for Diabetes Increases Cognitive Flexibility in Rett Mice | Benefits found in mice in advanced stages of the disease: researchers

Treatment with the diabetes drug metformin for four months led to cognitive improvements and restored brain energy production in a mouse model of Rett syndrome, according to a study. Remarkably, the therapy’s benefits were seen when administered at a relatively advanced stage of the disease – one where the mice were already affected by significant […]

Review shows that metformin use is associated with better COVID-19 outcomes

In a recent review published in Journal of Diabetes and its Complicationsresearchers reported the potential association between metformin use and the outcomes of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Study: Metformin in SARS-CoV-2 infection: A hidden pathway – from altered inflammation to reduced mortality. A review from the literature. Image credit: bangoland/Shutterstock Background COVID-19 has led to […]

Treatment strategies for hyperglycemia

Yehuda Handelsman, MD, FACP, FNLA, FASPC, MACE: We’ll discuss the traditional way of controlling diabetes and see what happens today. Did you want to say something? Are you with us on that 1? Jaime Murillo, MD: I’m. Yehuda Handelsman, MD, FACP, FNLA, FASPC, MACE: When we’re managing type 2 diabetes, we have to look at […]

Can This Diabetes Drug Really Slow Aging, Slow Weight Gain, Reduce Dementia? What’s behind the metformin craze?

by Lisa M. Krieger, The Mercury News </p><div> <div class=”article-gallery lightGallery”> <div data-thumb=”” data-src=”” data-sub-html=”Credit: CC0 Public Domain”> <figure class=”article-img”> <img src=”” alt=”pill” title=”Credit: CC0 Public Domain” width=”800″ height=”480″/> <figcaption class=”text-darken text-low-up text-truncate-js text-truncate mt-3″> Credit: CC0 Public Domain </figcaption> </figure> </div> Is an old connection the new “panacea”? <p>Metformin, a common medication to control […]

Metformin, lifestyle changes not associated with AMD risk

A study published in JAMA Ophthalmology found that metformin use and lifestyle changes were not associated with the prevalence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Duration of metformin use was also not associated with AMD. AMD is the most common age-related eye condition in the United States and is a leading cause of blindness. The neovascular […]

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