New cancer treatment platforms show promising results in targeting metastases

Despite there being 124 FDA-approved new drugs accessible for solid cancer therapy, a recent study indicated that overall survival and progression-free survival rates for patients with solid cancer indications increased only from 1.97 to 4.60 months and 1 .50 to 5.58 months, respectively. . Current cancer treatments largely target the secondary tumors of metastatic cancer […]

Can dual-energy CT have an impact on the differentiation between primary lung cancer and lung metastases?

Emerging research suggests that an important discovery in dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) may help solve the diagnostic challenge of differentiating between lung metastases and primary lung cancer. In a recent retrospective study published in the American Journal of Roentgenologyinvestigators reviewed preoperative DECT findings in 68 patients who were resectioned for primary lung cancer and 25 […]

CECT helps assess response to liver cancer treatment

CECT does this by allowing clinicians to track patients’ liver-raising tumor burden (LETB), wrote a team led by Dr. Jessica Assouline of the University of Paris, France. “The volumetric assessment of tumor enlargement has been shown to help predict survival in patients with cancer,” the group noted. “[But] Rather than a volumetric lesion-by-lesion analysis, volumetric […]

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