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Science-Based Mental Health Benefits of Journaling | Health

Step into your world where you hold the key to unlock the secrets of your mind. Imagine being able to explore the depths of your consciousness and understand the subtleties of your character, beliefs and emotions. Keeping a journal can help you gain a better understanding of your attitudes and thought processes towards different aspects […]

5 effective ways for women to beat everyday stress

Two issues related to mental health have become common today. Such problems are particularly common among the young generation. The names of these problems are stress and anxiety. If your mind is not occupied with your work, you feel tired all the time and some thoughts keep running through your mind all the time, then […]

Practice these grounding techniques to deal with anxiety

It’s not easy waking up every day with that sinking feeling sitting there in your stomach. People who suffer from anxiety have their mind running a marathon every minute. One tends to juggle irrational, obsessive thoughts that feel creepy. Once you’re stuck, it feels hard to break free from those vicious circles of thoughts. But […]

12 tips to improve yourself

Who among us wouldn’t love to find ways to become a better person? Whether you want to excel in your career, be a better friend or family member, or just feel better about yourself and the life you lead, we all probably have a reason to work on ourselves. benefit from putting some effort into […]

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