Healthy men have a lot of sex drive, but today’s men don’t

A conservative fitness influencer went viral in December for sharing what he’d learned in eight years of training: “If you’re not horny, you’re not healthy.” The simple remark by Jack Bly garnered nearly 80,000 “likes” on Twitter and nearly 9 million views. Every fitness lesson I learned after 8 years at the gym: 1. If […]

7 simple grooming resolutions for men to follow in 2023

Men’s grooming has evolved over the years. Now, in 2023, just splashing some water on your face and using a two-in-one facial cleanser and scrub isn’t enough. It’s pretty obvious that men read labels carefully and select the right products for their skin care, body care, hair care and general grooming needs, and thank goodness […]

The Benefits Of Saw Palmette For Men – Prostate

Vitamins and supplements are always popular, especially for things like boosting hair growth and fullness, or helping your eyes or joints. If you have prostate problems, you’ve probably heard of using saw palmetto extract. It is reputed to have other benefits for men as well. Here’s the deal with that herb for men. What is […]

Capillus launches scientifically based hair wellness supplement for men and women

The natural protein supplement is formulated for optimal healthy hair recovery MIAMI, January 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Capillus, one of the leaders in hair growth and repair using laser therapy devices, today announced the launch of Nurish, its first line of hair supplements made from Cynatine HNS, a cosmeceutical ingredient derived from natural proteins found […]

How do thyroid disorders affect fertility in men and women?

A simple blood test to measure TSH levels can give an idea about any thyroid dysfunction. Read on to learn about the various health issues associated with thyroid disease and to understand the link between thyroid dysfunction and infertility. Thyroid disorders are common in the Indian population. Both hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland) and hyperthyroidism […]

I Polled My Friends: Do Men Want Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Of those in relationships, men are more likely to give than receive when February 14 arrives. Many women avoid giving for fear of appearing clingy or desperate, and are often uncomfortable with the idea that the tables can be turned, but is this hesitation really justified? Like any serious investigator, I called the boys. Is […]

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