Coverage of health care expenses benefits employees and employers

Found a top health specialist in Boston, Miami, Seattle or Los Angeles? The associated travel costs may no longer be in your way. Starting this year, many Americans who receive health insurance from their employers will enjoy health-related travel expense coverage for the first time. This benefit will especially help those with rare and chronic […]

CVS Health Creates Community Equity Alliance to Improve Health Disparities

CVS health launched a new initiative Thursday called the Community Equity Alliance, which is partnering with three institutions and aims to improve health outcomes in underserved communities. The Alliance aims to increase the community health workforce, promote links between health institutions and communities, and improve inequalities in heart and mental health. The first organizations to […]

Miach Orthopedics grabs $40 million to change the standard of care for ACL tears

Miach Orthopedics — a medical device company that focused on restoring torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) rather than reconstructing them — received $40 million in funding Wednesday. The financing includes 30 million dollars in investments from Sectoral Asset Management, Endeavor Vision, NFL Players Association, amzak health, Smith+nephew and DSM Venturing. The Massachusetts-based company also signed […]

Evvy unveils vaginal health platform for testing and clinical care

Evvy, a vaginal health company, launched a new platform Wednesday that combines vaginal testing with prescription treatment and coaching. New York City-based Evvy, founded in 2020, is a direct-to-consumer company. Its at-home vaginal microbiome test — which launched in 2021 and is CLIA validated — looks for the bacteria and fungi (microbes) that live in […]

After JPM, what are the legal trading trends to watch?

The 41st Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference came and went this year in its usual flurry of activity as healthcare and life sciences industry leaders converged on San Francisco to present the most pressing issues and trends facing investors in the coming year . It was also the first time the annual conference was held […]

Q4 was Digital Health’s worst quarter for funding in 5 years

In 2020 and 2021, investors took risks amid low interest rates and there was a colossal influx of investment dollars into startups. They were willing to pay more at high valuations to get a piece of innovative healthcare companies. Now all that has changed. In fact, the healthcare sector experienced an acute slowdown in investment […]

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