Symposium of Syracuse 2022-23 discusses hot topics with a variety of programming languages

Sequoia Kemp

Reproductive Justice–SeQuoia Kemp of the Sankofa Reproductive Health and Healing Center will participate in Environmental Storytelling CNY, a year-long exploration of environmental science and arts organized by A&S’s Engaged Humanities Network and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s Writing, Rhetoric and Communications Program. in two Syracuse Symposium events.

Environmental Justice Is Racial Justice Is Reproductive Justice will trace the relationship between environmental racism and reproductive justice and explain how maternal health is an important barometer of community health. Set in the local context of Syracuse, Kemp’s talk will focus on mothers’ experiences. This event will take place on Thursday, February 16 at 6:00 PM in the Community Engagement Room, Nancy Cantor Warehouse.

Kemp will also lead a Reproductive Justice Healing Circle, offering members of the Syracuse community the opportunity to address intergenerational trauma in the service of achieving more reproductive justice for all. This event is Saturday, February 18 at 1:00 PM at the Salt Space, 103 Wyoming St., Syracuse.

Community Involved Repair–The Department of Geography and Environment, with support from the Engaged Humanities Network and Unlearning the Urban, will host Sara Safransky, assistant professor of human and organizational development at Vanderbilt University. Motivated by a concern for social and environmental justice, Safransky’s research focuses on urban displacement and land justice.

Safransky’s first event, The Work of Repair: A Conversation About Community-Engaged and Participatory Research, is a workshop open to faculty, staff, and students that highlights her community work in Detroit as a starting point for broad conversation about how, why, and for who could be investigated. This event is Friday, February 24 at 12:30 PM in Eggers Hall (room 155).

Her second event, The City After Property: Abandonment and Repair in Post-Industrial Detroit, is a public talk about the legacies of industrial decay in Detroit and the possibilities of creating a more equitable city. This event is Friday, February 24 at 3:00 PM at MacNaughton Hall (Room 200).

Repair works – Four composers whose music revolves around the ideas of justice and identity will give a concert at the Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium, Newhouse III, on March 26 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Organized by the Society for New Music and the Department of Art and Music Histories, Flannery Cunningham, Stacy Garrop, Anthony R. Green and James Gordon Williams will perform “repair works.” The concert is free for all SU students, teachers and employees with a valid ID.

Symposium of Syracuse 2022-23 discusses hot topics with a variety of programming languages

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