Summer Walker and Yung Miami talk about therapy and postpartum depression – Rolling Stone

Atlanta singer-songwriter Summer Walker joined rapper Yung Miami on Thursday’s episode of caresha please. The two discussed motherhood, the power of therapy and postpartum depression.

Walker opened up about her first experience with therapy, which she used to call “that white people shit,” and how the first day she met her therapist, she cried. “She caught me having a freaking meltdown in the dressing room,” she said over a hookah. “And I was like, just the day she’s here. She’ll think I’m crazy.

In 2019, Walker canceled part of his First and last tour due to his social anxiety. The singer continues to spread the word about mental health, and last year, she addressed her anxiety in an Instagram reel. “For those struggling with social anxiety or feeling out of place, I just want to say I hear you,” she captioned her collaboration with Mindset, a wellness platform.

Walker and Yung Miami also discussed their struggles with postpartum depression and how to find balance as a mother. “I feel like people have postpartum when they don’t have the support they need,” Walker said. “It could be a hormonal imbalance, but just for me, I wasn’t getting the support I needed…. I was really depressed, and it wasn’t about the kid. I loved her. I just needed help.

“But now I have three and I’m like oh my god I’m so happy,” she added, saying she now has the support she needs. The mother of three had her first child, Bubbles, with producer London on da Track in 2021. She recently had twins with her ex-boyfriend, a rapper named Larry.

Yung Miami said that part of her healing process was learning to “adjust to a new era, how to be a mother, responsible and adult”.

“You still have to make time for yourself,” Walker said in response. “Make sure if you want to look good, if you want to shower, go to the spa, go on a trip, whatever. And as long as you take that time, I feel like you won’t miss a thing.


“I’m not ashamed. As soon as my children go to sleep. I hit the streets, ”she laughed.

The 27-year-old artist recently released her EP clear 2: smooth lifewho was notably less interested in reliving the past documented in the 2019 highlight Over it (as well as your dignified accompaniment I still got over it), than finding growth and peace.

Summer Walker and Yung Miami talk about therapy and postpartum depression – Rolling Stone

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